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The Rules

By August 29, 2005, 11:07:13
Jobs board is NOT for the advertising or procuring of services.
There is one thread for advertising your level 100 profession, don't post anywhere else.

Other such topics belong on the appropriate "Marketplace" board for your server.

Violating thread will be moved / sanctioned.

Titling Rules (originally posted by Eoghammer and Raiutaryuu)

to make this part of the forum easier to search
please use this rules to title your topics

place this before your title
(guide : job) : for guide on a job
(job) : for question on a job
(prices : job) for having a estimation of several items of a job
(prices : item) for estimation post

Questions specifically about Shika should be posted on the Shika forums. Such topics are also subject to being locked or deleted.
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