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Dofus Sink Calculator (Android)

By sddfs#2982 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - October 25, 2020, 14:50:39
Hello, Dofus community! My name is Vitalii and I discovered the World of Twelve in far 2007. Even now I am playing from time to time, but much less than before. Anyway, Dofus is a really huge part of my life, so I would like to make a contribution into the Game community.

I noticed that there are no good tools for helping with Smithmagus. I mean, there are excel sheets and very simple web applications. But everything is just hard or annoying to use or they are not covering all the scenarios (like negative sink).

Since I am a beginner mobile developer now, I decided to work on Smithmagus Sink Calculator and try to make it as much convenient and easy to use as possible, considering my game experience and my perception of good UX.

Finally the app got released on Google Play:

I would like to ask you to give it a shot. Currently it has a comprehensive interactive tutorial for easy onboarding.

The App allows you to pick the characteristics your item contains and creates the list of corresponding runes. Every magus action in the Game could be reflected in the App by just several taps which makes Sink calculation as easy as it was never been before. The App can work with Negative Sink as well and allows you to proceed with Critical Failures which happen pretty often in Dofus. Also it is doing logs for every action performed for better traceability.

Currently the App is available for Android only since it is native and written with Kotlin. But I am planning to make the one for iOS as well if this App would be in demand in Dofus community.

Here I have made a walkthrough video, showing the example of simple cloak Smithmagus:

Further planned work in the app (decreasing priority):
  1. Bug fixing. I know about 2 bugs currently (one on the Item Creation screen and another one is empty History log being generated). Also I will respond if got new bug reports from users.
  2. French translation. I would need help from Native French speaking players, please reach me out if you are willing to help.
  3. Global progress saving. Currently the progress is being lost once you close the app or start a new magus job. I am planning to use database inside the app to save the progress and be able to see the global history as well as to be able to continue previous magus job.
  4. Create a new item using template from previous jobs, automatically generating similar rune/stat list.
  5. Start using Dofapi and be able to pick real items, applying corresponding stats automatically. That would make user experience even more smooth.

As well as with iOS porting, I would be glad to work on all this if the App will really be in demand.

Please feel free to leave you feedback and suggestions about improvements in comments, or sending me emails from the App title screen.

Thank you for attention and hope you are going to have great experience with the App and with Smithmagus in general. Good luck! 
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Might work for beginner magus but for myself I don't see the use. A calculator works just as well.
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Might use Teslas for beginner but for myself I don't see the use. A horse works just as well.

Technophobia is bad
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I will give it a shot, its handy to have such info packed in mobile app.

Thank you!
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