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Emerald Plum Turk

By MildBill#7410 - SUBSCRIBER - April 01, 2021, 00:25:47
Before I start, when will breeding get it's own forum? I mean, really. 

OK, been away awhile. When I returned, I see that the old standby, Emerald/Plum has been nerfed. People used to make their breeding fortunes on them. They gave the 1MP to Seemyools and replaced it with 8% crits. But it's not the same, is it? Emerald/Plums are near to worthless. I see 100 chamos going for 200kk. I wouldn't be so upset, normally. After all, 8% crits is nice. I've gotten a crit 4 times in a row on occasion. I like that, BUT, they are near worthless on the market AND they still take forever to breed. All emeralds do, matter of fact.

So, I propose that Ankama rethink the Emerald mounts. 10% crits would be nice and get the value back up where it belongs. Or, just give the 1MP back. Or something else. Just make it worth breeding these things. Yes, the powerful scrolls are nice too, but they are not worth twice the breeding time - not really.

If this subject has bee broached  b4 (I suspect that it has), sorry. It's still a valid question/suggestion. 200Kk for a 10th gen chameleon mount is too low. 

Also, I don't miss breeding Goldens either lol.
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I agree with the fact that breeding needs help. The fact that chamos are worth almost nothing now to someone who was an OG Dofus player and made a small fortune from breeding. Now (especially with the breeding item/public paddock nerf) the only point of breeding DTs is for the quest and scrolls.
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One more thing, nowadays if you keep breeding your chameleon mounts, you will end up with just regular mounts... besides worthless... the chances of getting new chameleon mounts does not look right.
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