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By dsslkdolsosi#2632 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - June 05, 2021, 15:30:51
Just measured one cycle of gold vein respawn and it took 34 minutes for it to get back again. What the actual frick ? Already reporting bots as every 2 days or so seeing them replaced by new ones and now this.

Mining rework when ?
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I saw a thread from someone who looked into the spawn rate of tin. He did 10 sample sizes. The times ranged from 22 minutes all the way to 36+ minutes. So yeah, it can be pretty long.

I do think a skilling rework can definitely be interesting and cool. Would be a huge project though as you don't want to flood the market and make everything worthless. A lot of people afk @ tin for example though probably while doing schoolwork or working from home, lol.
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