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Resource respawn timers need a massive overhaul

By the-furion#5933 - SUBSCRIBER - July 04, 2021, 23:11:59
It is honestly unacceptable that after over 15 years, the resources are still pretty awful. 
Alchemist gatherables, are decent and not too many complaints.  but for things like lumberjack and miner? a lot of the respawn timers for the higher level resources is just insane. it can take over half an hour for them to respawn, and with so few of things like obsidian and aspen, it should not take that long. especially when other players are also out there trying to get the resources as well. its making things like the puffed frosteez/aspen sap/snowdrop insanely expensive, because there are hardly any resources for everyone to gather. and for all gathering profs, the stacks of 100 prices in game are a joke for how long some of them can take to obtain. among other things i know this doesnt get touched because of bots, but its time to stop punishing players for bots existing in game. not sure what yet but something needs to be done, these cooldowns are ridiculous. 

as an example, i just timed out how long a simple Hazelnut trre took to respawn, and it took 36 minutes for it to respawn. 36 minutes.
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Yeah, I'd say it was more or less manageable when you could only pick 3 professions but now that everyone can do all of them (which I am personally a fan of, mind you) mining and lumberjack are ridiculously hard to level - only because of scarcity and/or long respawn times.

We need more spawns or a faster respawn time. Preferably, both.

Edit: Ya know, I agree with Kiro on lumberjack. Getting to 20 is a pain in the ass but afterwards it flows well. Mining isn't fun at all, though.
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Personally i have no problem with the lumberjack profession. Miner however is being farmed like crazy. You HAVE to camp the ores which is in no way a fun way to play the game. I doubt Ankama would be able to make a reasonable balanced system based on population in area so honestly i feel like reducing miner resource spawn times (as there are less of them aswell) would be a good sollution. Just by a bit so as not to ruin the prices though.
On the other hand can we discuss how fast fisherman resources spawn??? Like come on... make them slower pls.
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