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New Resource Protectors

By Morchaint#6609 - SUBSCRIBER - December 18, 2022, 06:07:09
They are awful. I understand to stop bots something else needs to be done. I shouldn't have to gear up to just fight one.
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Yeeeeah.... They take way longer now, and you don't get any extra compensation for them. Hell if you where in a kind of shitty set (like most noobies their first year playing the game --the people harvesting professions are really meant for to begin with--) one would probably die as well. I've just stopped harvesting stuff all together as I can't be asked to slow down an already mediocre way to make kamas. It's great if this actually does put a damper on bots, but it might not be worth it if now less and less people want to bother with harvesting professions. 
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My goodness, these things are just terrible... 
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I agree that this needs changing, as a new player I had to stop leveling my character because I wouldn't be able to defeat these resource protectors... So I'm stuck with training professions while I still can defeat them so I can get enough kamas for when I actually level up
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wish they gave us like profession xp for killing these gremlins
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