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How do I level up as a hunter?

By strongerthanyou June 03, 2008, 11:13:44

I'm a hunter and I hunt a lot(of course) I always sell my meat. Yet I never gain any xp as a hunter and I never lvl up(as a hunter)! Please let me know if there is something I'm doing wrong!!!

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that is why you never level up. Hunter DOES NOT gain xp by hunting.

only by preserving the meat. SAVE YOUR MEAT. preserve it. then if you want to be butcher, save the preserved meat. Butcher will level faster than hunter.

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"Butcher will level faster than hunter."

This statement is incorrect unless you are supplementing your butcher's mats with preserved meats acquired elsewhere.

In general, hunter will lvl faster than butcher because hunter gets meats then preserves them and gains xp from preserving. However, while preserving, as your rate is likely not 100%, some meats will be lost. Then you have a smaller amount of preserved meats (for butcher to work with) than what you started with. I am currently suffering this problem with my 8x hunter/7x butcher, where my hunter can now hunt meats but can not butcher them because butcher lvl is not same/high enough, so I have to continue hunting lower lvl meats.

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