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By KillerFeri March 08, 2009, 13:52:05

Iam a level 21 tailor at the moment and I was just wondering whats the cheapest and fastest way to get to level 30? Since 20 I made helmets and piwi hats but Im not sure this is the best way. I wont like to get money from leveling crafting cause I get it from mad tofu cloak but the resource of it is pretty expensive.


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Continue making helmets and piwi hats. Unfortunately it's the fastest way. A complete guide can be found here
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not true. i helped friend of mine to train some tailoring. we found out that making small bluish cloaks is quite good too. need 2blue larva skins. 1 magical cure and 10 white gobbal wool to make 1. 100skins are like 10-12kk at rushu and cures like 1kk-3kk for 100. wools are like 1kk-3kk for 100. oh well might be expensive for some people but works well too. making helmets is good too. after making helmets craft them into improved helmets. 4slot recipe. only problem is that mufafa moustache and kido rear feather can be sometimes kinda hard to get. not usually much on sale. tho you can allways hunt them urself.

also about wikia guides.. oh well some are fine but.. ive realized instead of guide.. just read recipes and look moneywise recipe there for urself.. those guides say ridiculous things sometimes in most professions. theyre offering *best* way to lvl crafting skills. well some examples are fine but so far when ive looked on recipes and their material requirements n then money making.. ive allways found alot better and faster choices... like.. some of those guide things are so ridiculous that you would end up wasting hundreds of thousands.. or even millions of kamas to train it *quickly* tho with other recipe you will earn those millions and still train allmost as effective... and yeah.. u might want to earn millions instead of losing ? eh... and still get quickly 100 ;I

also look at ur bank storage if you happen to have some stuffs laying around. craft random stuffs. not to mention... like go to ur tailor recipes. look what u can do and same check resource sellrooms for cheap materials.. check for like each one of them. skins. wools. hairs. etc... prices change so sometimes u might wanna do cloaks or bags and sometimes hats. also its great for ur income if you craft abit random stuffs. just look whats moneywise at the moment and craft them.

after you get more levels on profession. you can basicly continue crafting endlessly since ur money income from crafts will keepup the material cost.
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Piwi works fine for levelling tailor at lower levels. That's assuming you can gather them quickly and you'll need a pretty serious prospecting level to get that. A side benefit is that you'll drop a fair number of adventurer rings as you farm the piwi.

At 300+ prospecting, I can drop a hundred piwi feather in less than an hour on piwi mobs around Amakna. Not saying you have to be that high level pp, but it helps. It might work with pp as low as 150, but below that it'll certainly be too slow.

You can use a perc to speed this up too, but it's a little risky in the Amakna area.

When I get too bored of piwi, I usually go farm spimush and make musheadgear from the mushrooms/mush thorns. These make a fair number of sa runes for sale and I make pretty decent kama from this. Yeah mushrooms are exchange mats with some value, but ya can't have everything.

You can also make wooden wings and helmets if you're so inclined and have the profs to gather the resources.
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if you were a lumberjack i would say wooden wings.
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with wooden wings just to get 1>20 you would need like 15000 ash wood ;P might be abit boring.. instead just do 200 piwi stuff lol ^^ faster n cheaper.

also like i said just make random stuffs and look on wiki receipes what would suit you most.. and most money wise for you. also wiki offers some secret receipes. theyre nice too. like helmet.
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A cra an enu and a perc make for a great piwi hunting team.
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I'd really say 1-20 piwi hats/cloaks and 20-80 helmets/whatever you craft for other people or have the mats for. After 80 its all gob capes and doing crafts for fellow players really.

My advice is also make friends with a level 100 farmer who can provide you with uncopious amounts of flax string.
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Edit: Lag double post.
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My fault... for following blindly this 2009 post... helmets and improved helmets are the worst waste of money.. just do piwi stuff...
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