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By dotten - SUBSCRIBER - May 24, 2011, 12:47:23

It wuld be awsome if they made a Dofus(or ankama) TCG.

It culd be like you pcik a hero, you have some spell cards for each hero in the game and you get sidekicks like a little army on the side. or they are you front line of cards. and if your hero dies you lose.

or atleast some thing in that path wold be awsome biggrin

what does you think?

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There's already a Wakfu card game (and, at the Ankama Convention in March, I saw what looked like some sort of strategy/board game based on Wakfu as well). The card game's been out for years, in fact.

The bad news is that they're French-only for the moment, but fan-translations of the rules and cards can be found here and there. For example: Click here

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Also, some of the TCG cards allow you to gain incarnation weapons based off monsters (not bandits or knights).

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