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hunter and butcher improvements

By jeffcruzzz February 23, 2006, 23:35:39
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What more can I add other than just being redundent , hunter profession needs to be upgraded to make it more acceseble , and trust me it will open up so many new doors to game play when its fixed.

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you can already get different stats. it depends on the type of food.
Magic breads +1 vit
Magic fish, +1 int or 1 wis (depending on the fish)

  • meat, +1 str.

Makes one wonder where chance and agility went though.
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rudydrak :
Rudydrak, do you have any info on the 'pellet sling' which is the lvl 100 hunter weapon?

no, it's not in any hunter npc shop, and i never saw any info if it's available from some quest or drop... in fact, i'm not very sure it even exists in the game...

Three months ago I submitted a ticket asking about it. I eventually received this response from Echt:

''This weapon shouldn't even be on our website :/
It is only a picture for the moment, and we do not know if it will one day be available... :[''

In further conversation:

"This weapon is really too evolved to be easily implemented, and would ask for many hours of work ..."


"These two jobs (hunting and fishing) are quite similar, especially in their difficulty to be leveled. However, as each of them has already evolved a bit, I'm quite sure that we will add more to them in the coming updates. However, you're right on saying that it may take half a year, more or less, as nothing is planned for the mounts update. I guess it will thus be for the next one... I'll try to get this weapon (I consider it as one^^) done one day, as you're not the first one to ask it wink"


"Well, maybe this job we'll be modified one of these days (I would even say that it surely will be^^).
I'll try and see if we can pass the hammer tool to a real hammer though wink"
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Reposting this here, since the other thread was locked, presumably due to redundancy of topic.

There are three things to take into consideration when thinking of the appeal of a profession: the mechanics of leveling (i.e. xp gained), the usefulness of the products, and other benefits like special equipments.

I leveled Hunter to 100 the hard way, plodding along with thousands upon thousands of preparations of gob, boar, wabbit and dragoturkey meats. Obviously at this stage I don't care for xp anymore.

As for the usefulness, the short answer is that it's pretty much totally useless. Since getting level 100 Hunter I have barely preserved any meats, as there are more economical ways of making health-restoring products via other professions. The Hunter way is simply not cost-effective.
Now I hunt a bit every now and then, to feed a white cat.
Every time I run the gob dungeon, I make sure to equip the hunter tool for the last screen, in the vain hope of obtaining the special meat from the royal gob. Time passes, more and more fights pass... and no special meat drops.

As for the special equipments... the hunter not-really-weapon tools are crippled. The "hammer" is not a real hammer, has no area of effect and gets no class bonus, not to mention the ridiculous 6 AP use for the damage it deals. The level 100 hunter tool doesn't exist, and according to Echt it won't exist anytime soon, if ever. If you're leveling Hunter with this chimaera in mind, as I did... reconsider.

Yes, the Hunter profession needs some serious revamping. Hopefully any changes will first make it more useful, not just easier to level... which would lead to more frustrated level 100 hunters.

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i have a level 60 hunter, so i'm a little experience but well short of some of the commentators here smile.

my understanding of the idea of hunter is that its meant to provide large hp healing, whereas baker is meant to provide low hp healing. So the *** meats should be the most profitable ones. The market for hunters products should be high level players and sacriers which is always going to be smaller than the market for bread, so one has to be a little careful with comparisons.

In this sense the way that bread is still used by high hp players rather than meat is to me the big issue.

I think reducing the cost of ingredients would help alot, but another idea is to increase the weight of bread. In this way the amount of bread one could carry would be limitted - so carrying a bunch of high heals meat would be more attractive for high hp characters.

**** meats need to be of similar difficulty to get as the scrolls they correspond to (though not as difficult so that they are still profitable), this is why they are so difficult to get. I haven't got enough experience to comment on whether scrolls are easier to get than **** meats, but perhaps some tuning of drop rates is required if there is a problem there.

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Amrach at least u got 1000 extra pod :p . Doupling the +Hp would enough for me to start hunter/butcher again (stopped once i got lvl50 and thought... why im doing this *PIIP*?) now u need lvl1 hunter to get bird meat---> Tahde Bread ... dont have to preserve biggrin

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BayushiSomat :
The orange larva gives +35, the green one does +25. It doesn't change much however.
And if the information on the dofus site is correct , you can't get meat from a royal tofu.

Finally, the only modifiction needed is a revalorisation of meat drops. I fare well because i'm a enutrof, but other classes have real difficulties dropping meat. After all, gobbals have 4 legs, so why drop only 1 meat half the time?

OR make it were if you land the finishing blow on a Monster It makes getting meat absolute. And yes. Ull get alot of meat >.> Hunting is by far the hardest proffession. Unless ur an earthquake sadida. which im not. And yes. U have to land the finishing blow with ur Hunting item.
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