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Tofu Set

By xcrazyearzx - SUBSCRIBER - October 03, 2011, 01:50:32

Well, just a suggestion (nothing big, mainly cuz i was bored). I started a new character not too long ago, and as i was looking through the low lvl sets, i noticed the tofu set, and i just thought to myself...'What the **** where they thinking?' T.T.... the set is good, (stat wise) but why, or for what reason..did they make it look like...THAT...or more importantly what did they think was wrong with the way it looked before. It was cute and unique, every part of it. But now, just...what?... it looks like starter set #2345, just so dull and plain...

I'm sure someone else thought about it before, i know its nothing big, but i really think it was a bad choice. So my suggestion would be to change it to the way it was before (make it look unique again). Hell, honestly that's what dofus is, to me (and i'm sure many others), a very unique game.

What's your thought on it though, do you mind how it looks now, don't care, or do you think they should have just stayed with the original look?

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