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My 9th Class Suggestion: Icarus Wings

By Gunnerwolfang - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - August 01, 2012, 18:22:27
14 years ago
Reported to the Iop's High Council by a unnamed scholar who studies the secret manuscripts inside the secret Iop Temple's library.

These are documents that holds a story that could be just a fairy tale or a well kept secret. Supposedly, a long time ago, in a time before documented records, a great war plunges the world into chaos. For the sake of the story, let's just call this war "The War of Gluttony".

The war was caused by the Pig Empire, ancestors of the modern day bworks, with their hunger for powers. According to this document, the pigs are trying to seize a powerful relic from the church. It was described as a "Rainbow Dofus". If ever the pig empire are to take hold of that relic, they would become a force to be reckoned with.

Fearing that the pig empire might succeed in taking the relic, the old order of the wings crafted the "Great Ark". It was described as a massive floating metal ship that is powered by magic (during those time, imp carrier/balloon technology is non-existing and even with the current wooden imp carrier/balloon technology, flying metal ship is not possible). They then send the great ark in a place that nobody can find and erased any record of it's existence.

2 months ago
Reported by Sir Icarus the Lighthearthed of the New Order of the Wings to the Iop's High Council. He was given the mission to investigate the truth and find the lost ark. His men have dedicated close to 14 years of searching for the elusive relics.

We have scouted 80% of all the Cania Mountain ranges... I believe that if ever the ark is in cania mountain, it would probably be in the highest and most dangerous peak. I swore that I will risk my life in order to find it. My most trusted men are making their final preparation for the mission.

2 days ago
The Order of the Wings are introduced to the whole world under the leadership of Sir Icarus. A new class with the power to fly and uses relics in battle.

Let me introduce my class suggestion for the Iop's 2nd class.

Appearance: Lightly dressed warriors wearing ark-metal wings on their back (shown below is the steam-punk wakfu version. I imagine the dofus version to have wooden frame with metal blade as wings).
Added: They also have ark-metal chains dangling from their back (tipped with pointed ark-metal feather blade).

*picture is not mine, it came from google picture search.

Primary Weapon: Bow
Secondary Weapon: Swords

Abilities/Fighting Style
Arktech Skills: It turned out that the great ark was actually made out of a magical metal that respond when elemental energies are applied to it. By conducting experiment on these mysterious metals, the icarians researchers were able to develop new skills.
Angry Bird Spells: The "Rainbow Dofus" was actually not a dofus. It was an "Aveus", magical eggs that came from the legendary phoenix. Not just one aveus, in fact, there are thousand of these eggs inside the great ark. There are primarily 7 types/colors of aveus eggs (which is probably why the documents were misinterpreted as a rainbow dofus) each one releases different powers when charged with magical energy. The icarians studied and learned how to use these eggs in combat.

Sample Spells

Arktekch Skills
Arktech Skill: Flight
By applying air properties into their ark wings.
Allows the icarian to fly. "Flight Mode" state
AP cost: 2 AP
Duration: 3 turns
Cooldown: 6 turns
+2 MP

When flying, icarians:
-cannot be hit by ground units using close range melee weapons, cannot use close range melee weapon against ground units.
-cannot be blocked or locked by ground units, cannot block or lock ground unit.

When duration ends and a ground unit occupies his ground space, the icarian will randomly drop on any available adjacent tile.

Arktech Skill: Chains of Memories
The icarian throws their ark-metal chains infused with Fire properties which wraps around the target.
The chains will explode after 2 turn duration. The duration will reset when another chain is cast on the target.
The amount damage will add-up with the numbers of chains cast on the target.
The number of times that the damage will hit will increase with the numbers of chains cast on the target.
AP cost: 3AP
Duration: 2 turns
Fire Damage: 1/1-2/2/2-3/3/3-4

If an icarian with 200 fire stats cast a level 6 chain on a target 3 times on the first 1 turn:
Fire Damage = 9to12 + 9to12 + 9to12 = 27to36 fire damage that will hit 3 times = 81to108 fire damage
It will hit after the 2nd end of turn the target if the icarian do not stack another chain into the target.

Now if on the second turn, the icarian stacked another 3 chain:
Fire Damage = 27to36 (previous 3 stack) + 9to12 + 9to12 + 9to12 = 54to72 fire damage that will hit 6 times (3previous turn + 3times 2nd turn stack) = 324to432 fire damage (duration of activation will be reset to 2 turns)

Now if on the 3rd turn, the icarian stacked another 3 chain:
Fire Damage = 54to72 (previous 6 stack) + 9to12 + 9to12 + 9to12 = 81to108 fire damage that will hit 9 times (6previous turn + 3times 3rd turn stack) = 729to972 fire damage (duration of activation will be reset to 2 turns)

The damage will exponentially increase everytime more chains are stacked.

Pros: very good for blitzkrieg challenges even against boss with 100,000+ HP
Pros: +damage gears will exponentially buff this spell.
Cons: can be rendered useless by a unbewitchment spell. And take too much time/AP to build up damage, but that is what it was supposed to be.

Arktech Skill: Meteor Dive
This Spell is a combination of a defensive and offensive spell.
Select a target tile (empty or occupied). )The Icarian will soar up in the sky, out of sight. They can't be attacked when out of sight.
In the beginning of their turn, they will drop down on their target tile. If there is somebody in that target tile, they will receive a powerful damage and the icarian will land on any random adjacent tile. The icarian will just land if there is nobody occupying the target tile.

*Those who have played FF Tactics will recognize this to be similar to the Dragoon/Lancer class "Jump" skill.

Angry Bird Spells
Angry Bird Spell: Blue Aveus
Summons a "Blue Egg"
Static summon that will buff the damage of the caster every turn.
The buff will be removed when the egg is destroyed.
Buffs duration: 2 turns stackable
Spell Level / AP cost / Egg HP / +damage / Maximum number of eggs in the battle
Level 1 / 4 AP / 20 HP / +1 to 2 damage / 1 egg
Level 2 / 4 AP / 25 HP / +1 to 3 damage / 1 egg
Level 3 / 3 AP / 30 HP / +2 to 3 damage / 2 eggs
Level 4 / 3 AP / 35 HP / +2 to 4 damage / 2 eggs
Level 5 / 2 AP / 40 HP / +3 to 4 damage / 3 eggs
Level 6 / 2 AP / 50 HP / +3 to 5 damage / 3 eggs

Can also be hatched to transform into a water damage summon.

Angry Bird Spell: Golden Aveus
Summons "The Mighty Egg"
Static summons that grow each turn (up to 5 turns), buffing his damage each turn.
Can be hatch to become a kamikaze "The Mighty Celestial Tofu", by using the spell "Hatch"
Global Cooldown, just like the enu chest spell, there can only be one mighty egg in your team. Your team member can hatch this summon.
Spell Level / AP Cost / Egg HP / +damage buff per turn / Maximum Damage buff / MP of Mighty CT when hatched.
Level 1 / 7 AP / 200 HP / +20 damage per turn / 100 damage / 5 MP
Level 2 / 7 AP / 200 HP / +25 damage per turn / 125 damage / 10 MP
Level 3 / 6 AP / 200 HP / +30 damage per turn / 150 damage / 15 MP
Level 4 / 5 AP / 200 HP / +35 damage per turn / 175 damage / 20 MP
Level 5 / 4 AP / 200 HP / +40 damage per turn / 200 damage / 25 MP
Level 6 / 3 AP / 200 HP / +50 damage per turn / 250 damage / 30 MP

After summoning a mighty egg, it will cast it's damage buff every turn up to their maximum buff (after 5 turns).
Using the spell "Hatch" on it will transform the egg into a mighty celestial tofu.
The mighty celestial tofu will then attack a non-summon enemy with the highest HP and dies after the attack (similar to the xelors long range attack summon).
The egg can be hatch before full buff and not immediately after full buff.

This class function as a flying artifact-user with limited summoning abilities. Their summons are better used as buffers rather than offensive summons (aside from the one-hit mighty eagle summon which is more like a random-target, direct-attack wrath spell). While the aveus buffs are more powerful than the iop's buffs, they are easier to counter by simply destroying the aveus eggs.

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