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Classes and Hats: What needs to be adjusted?

By [Izmar] - ADMIN - December 11, 2012, 15:07:36
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What Dofus Avatar said it would like:

How it turned out in-game:

If you could make it look like the Dofus Avatar one and make the hood a tiny bit bigger, that would be awesome.
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Hey guys smile

I noticed that my eca doesn't fit nicely on a Feathered DT so I wanted to ask if you could fix that.

I don't like the fact that cloack covers mounts bag and I wound be very grateful if you fix the bug smile

Thank you very much!



You can see on this one how cloack is properly adjusted with mounts bag and it doesn't stick out weirdly.

Thank you :3
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SilverhandII|2014-12-28 06:44:17

When the Fogger faces forward the hat no longer obscures nor removes the goggles, which was the case before the update I believe. Other hats I've tried still do it correctly though(like Missiz Freez helm).
Yeah.. this is still the case D: And the poor unused mimisymbics in her inventory are slowly shriveling up.
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pls , it's killing me xD
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I hate to be nitpicky, but the way the wing on the right sticks out kinda upsets me D: hopefully it won't be too much work to get that fixed!

Edit: Forgot this

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Using the Megaman style hair for male Eliotrope and this is what happens with a Lord of the Rats Ceremonial Hat when you stand facing certain directions.
The hair pokes through the hat,but is normal when facing other directions.

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Harpy Pirate Mask doesnt sit right on feca.
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Hello, I feel the Diving Bell End hat is too big and slants to the back too much until it covers the details on the Tanked Backpack when a Foggernaut is facing diagonally forward. Can tolerate that but not how the hat looks when the Fogger is mounted. Would be nice if this can be fixed. Thank you. smile

Here is a shot of the Diving Bell End, properly sized and properly sitting on the Fogger when he is facing one side:

Here are the abnormal shots. Notice how the distance/space between grille thing on the Fogger's chest and the bottom of the Diving Bell End isn't there in these pics:

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This topic is called hats, but I wanna report Charlie agent shield is not sitting correctly on my iop.
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Would it be possible to get the "Training shield" slightly lowered so it covers the hand/forearm and not the bicep/upper forearm?

So this has been a grievance of mine since 2.0 dropped, on all the characters, shields don't quite sit right when characters are on their mounts/petsmount and facing either left or right. Is it possible to get them to sit over our characters arms and not hovering over the dragoturkey's wings?

I know this thread is for hats and capes, but I was wondering if it could be applied to shields also or just anything that doesn't quite fit right?
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So I know this says hats, but I've got hats and cloaks to link here:
Cape of pohdoog clips through fog hair (seriously, so many things clip fog and rogue hair, does nobody check these when new items are made?)\

Lonne's hat doesn't quite appear to sit naturally on the head:
The view from the front is fine:

But the rear view looks as if the hat is floating slightly above and off center: ( I suspect changing the tilt angle would fix both of these at once)

The coronita mysteriously changes from being centered upon the fog's head, to not when viewed from different angles:


I'll probably add more when I get around to looking at more possible mimisymbic options...
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Ritzuuuu|2015-11-06 12:00:14
Hey, is it possible to gegt this Gein's hat adjsuted? smile I really like this hat and it is sitting a bit wierd on my feca sad


It looks pretty nice as it is. No idea who created Dofus tools website, but I would not trust them in the origins how items must look on characters.
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Hey, i think those should be on my eyes rather than my hoodbiggrin It would be nice if you guys could fix that, thanks.
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The Ukanda hat looks way to big on my Elio

Click here

thanks for adjusting it
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Kind of off-topic, it's not hat, but needs adjustment. And if possible, please make it thicker, because on the item preview it looks tougher, and in game - weak.
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nitecap on sram :

just need to be scooted down a hair
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Don't think I have this problem ingame, but at least on the character pages, the forum etc. I have a problem with Rassler mask on my ecaflip. It seems to be shifted upwards on his face.

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Sram, Witter Beanie.

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Most of the shields look weird on fogs:

and the seems like the capes are cut in half when you are riding a mount:

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Hey, Shushivin cape smile. Happens on every of my characters
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