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Monster mobs..

By pirotekno#7934 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - February 03, 2013, 00:54:17
If a mob is over 1600, the cap is considered 1600 or 1610... instead of these 2200 mobs that are crap exp because of the stupid penalty for being 600+ levels under cap...

also.. boss mobs... shouldn't they always be the highest level in their room? Why on earth are there bosses lower than the normal monsters? :/ that's slightly absurd, especially with how much stronger they are. totally annoying especially when you have a chalenge like maniac or cruel...

finally, if you have it so that you only see one monster in a mob, make it so if there's an archmonster, that's what's shown, as well as if there is not an archmonster, it shows the highest level monster in the group.
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Yes please.
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The bosses are a lower level to increase the difficulty of certain challenges probably. If the boss is always the highest then it makes it far too easy to complete challenges such as high to low or low to high.
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