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Unlimited pc's in Ankama Shield

By bolleke - SUBSCRIBER - March 08, 2013, 21:54:19

I have a problem with the Ankama Shields limited number of pc's which can be added.
As i have two internet networks at home, 1 at another house and 1 at my dads i need to add 4 networks already.
However i use both my pc and my laptop which means at home 2 extra and then on school too so 3 more, that's 7 in total at this moment.
That's two more then the maximum, so i Always have to delete one so i can add another.

Make it unlimited please?



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I have found it problematic, but maybe you can adjust the security level to accommodate your similar IP addresses.

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You can chooose one or all 3 options

Option 1
use only 1 network in home ... seriously why would you use 2 networks when you are in home O_o

Option 2
use your laptop in your dad house... and in "another house"

Option 3
just use MEDIUM security... and network won't be a problem at all..

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