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Frequently Made Suggestions (and their current development status)

By #[Izmar] - ADMIN - May 23, 2013, 16:26:19

Certain ideas tend to come up again and again in the suggestion forum. This leads to duplicate threads, which often means that important information like developer replies get lost to the sands of history.

In an effort to combat this problem, let's have a list of the top suggestions that have been made and their current status inside the development team.

[size=18]I want a 1.29 server/graphics set/sprite swap/etc.[/size]

Update: You're in luck! The former Spanish-only 1.29 servers were recently opened to all communities. These two servers were opened in 2010 to help support the Spanish community, which could not upgrade to the higher specs of DOFUS 2.0, and now, they are available for everyone to try. Please be aware that these servers are in "time capsule" mode, which means that they will not be updated, there will be no bug fixes, no ogrine services, no new content, etc. Any threads asking for fixes or changes to these servers will be summarily closed.

As for making it possible to swap between the old 1.29 graphics and sprites in the 2.0 client, the old map graphics were made at different sizes than the current maps, and because those sizes affect things like the layout of fights and the location of dungeons, doors, houses, resources, etc, it is technically impossible to swap out those graphics. Sorry to disappoint, but the answer to this request will always be "no."

[size=18]I really, really, really, REALLY liked the 1.29 music, and I want to be able to switch between the current music and the old music.[/size]

We understand your request (nostalgia is awesome), but at this time, it's not possible. Including the extra music files in the client would inflate the client size for everyone (including people who don't want these music files). The DOFUS client is already fairly large, so in respect for those who have monthly download limits, slow connections, and/or limited time, the development team has decided not to include these music files in the client.

However, there is some hope. There is currently a DOFUS plugin system that has been in beta testing for the past few years. This system will eventually allow players to create and share their own plugins to modify certain aspects of the DOFUS client, and this system could allow a player to write an optional plugin to swap out these music files and share it with other players. Please note: there is not an estimated release date for this plugin system right now. Questions about when this system will be available will be met with a rueful shrug.

[size=18]Ok, but how about those ugly black bars when I enlarge the client on my lovely widescreen monitor? I want those bars to die in a fire.[/size]

Update: This issue has been fixed as of update 2.36! Thanks for being so patient <3

[size=18]Guilds need a MOTD system.[/size]

Update: The devs agree! This feature will be added in update 2.34.

[size=18]While we're talking about guilds, how about the ability for guild leaders to mute someone's guild channel? I love my guildmates, but there was this one time when the Iop was making really dumb jokes all afternoon and the Fecas were PMing me and threatening to quit if he didn't stop...[/size]

This is a possibility for a future update, but at the moment, the possible solutions seem somewhat complicated (it would require a lot of clicks for the guild leader which isn't great for the kind of feature that you usually need for short-term mutes) so they're going to wait to add this until they can overhaul some other systems.

[size=18]And how about custom guild ranks while you're at it?[/size]

In the long-term, the devs want to overhaul the guild ranks and rights system. During this overhaul, they will see if they can find a way to add this feature. It does involve a lot of things to save in the game database, which can affect interface lag and other issues, so they may not be able to find an optimal solution. However, they are aware that players want this and they will try to find a way to make it happen in the future.

[size=18]I can't get enough fights in the Kolo. This thing needs to let me fight people from other servers.[/size]

Once again, the devs are fully in agreement with you and they are trying to find a way to make that happen. It's an extremely complicated thing to get multiple characters from multiple servers into a fight that happens in real time and then properly writes all of the information from the fight's results back onto their home server's database in a way that corrects for things like lag, lost connections, multi-accounting restrictions, ranking, etc. All of this to say that the devs want this to be possible, but it may take a long time before the tools and systems needed to make it possible are available. Update: The Interserver Kolossium has been rolled out to all servers! If you are still having problems finding Kolo fights, please let us know on the Problems and Solutions forum! Thanks for waiting so patiently.

[size=18]Can I have the Headhunter system back?[/size]

The short answer is: sorry, but no. The longer answer is: for those who like to hunt down other players or be hunted by other players, we have created the AvA (Alliance vs Alliance) feature.

[size=18]I have a ton of suggestions for how my class can be improved...[/size]

You might be interested in checking out the Zenith forum, which is where we have moderated discussions about the balancing and roles of every class in DOFUS.

[size=18]Wait, but I'm a Sadida or an Osa and I REALLY want to be able to control my summons directly instead of letting them run around and do whatever they feel like. Can't they be like the Boombot and do exactly what I say?[/size]

Update: Osamodas now have a spell that allows them to temporarily take control of their summon for a single turn. The devs ran the numbers and found that this mechanic didn't lengthen fights by an interminable amount, which has always been the problem with allowing summoners direct control of all of their summons. Sadida dolls will still continue to run wild for the foreseeable future, however!

[size=18]I want to be able to place orders in the market, can that be a thing?[/size]

Ideally, this will be a market feature one day. Right now, we don't know when that day will be.

[size=18]How about a system that makes it possible to search player merchants?[/size]

Ok, before we dive into this, please remember that these two different systems (market and merchant) exist for different reasons.

It's much cheaper to merch than market. This is part of the benefit of using a system that is not easily searchable.

Markets create a huge amount of traffic for the servers due to the sorting and database access necessary to make them work. To add a similar system for merchants would make these two systems essentially identical, greatly increasing the resources needed by the client without a similar kama sink to keep the economy healthy.

Lichen has stated before that merchant mode is not searchable because it encourages players to hunt for deals; gives sellers a chance to use pricing and location to carve out alternate economic niches; and it allows shopping traffic to be more evenly spread over the server, features that would be neutralized if all merchants could be searched at a central location.

In a nutshell: It's not planned at this time.

[size=18]Will it ever be possible to customize our houses?[/size]

For now, the devs have restricted personal space customization to the Haven Bag system. We haven't completely ruled out the idea of customizing houses, but it is still something for the far future.

[size=18]I want to use WASD or arrow keys to move around, make it happen![/size]

The devs actually have considered adding WASD movement to Dofus in the past, but they ultimately rejected it for the following reasons:

  • It seemed more intuitive to use a point-and-click system for a PC game because there are so many PC games, and specifically PC isometric games that use the same type of movement (for example, one of the biggest isometric PC games of all time: Diablo).
  • Keyboard games tend to put emphasis on game states that require fast reflexes or binary state decisions, like jumping, avoiding projectiles, moving in the correct direction at the correct moment, etc. This is not the type of play that's necessary in Dofus.
  • Keyboard movement is usually precise and responsive, which would not be the case in Dofus. Characters must move from cell to cell rather than being guided pixel by pixel. The team actually did create a demo using keyboard commands for movement inside a map a while ago, and it felt sluggish and inefficient.
  • Dofus also requires interacting in many different ways with certain elements (like monsters, markets, and merches) and using an array of keyboard commands to target and select these elements was clunky and cumbersome, while using the mouse to connect with these element is much more intuitive and simple.

However, thanks to this suggestion, the dev team is working on a way to change maps using keyboard commands. So while it won't be precise keyboard controls, it would make it possible to move through the overworld with arrow keys. So, for example, you could move from -2,0 to -1,0 with the touch of a key, but you wouldn't be able to move from the Zaap to the tree on the -2,0 map with your keyboard.

There's no ETA for the release of this feature, and no promise that it will ultimately work out, but the team is going to see if it works and if the feature feels good. =)

[size=18]We need a Single-Account server![/size]

Unfortunately, while we are able to detect Multi-Accounting, this ability is limited. There are currently too many ways to bypass and fool our detection protocols, meaning that we couldn't enforce a Single-Account server properly or efficiently. Since we wouldn't be able to ensure the basic premise of the server is respected, releasing such a server seems ill-advised to us.
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Thread updated with information about the Interserver Kolossium. =)

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Thread updated with information about the Interserver Kolossium. =)

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