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Easter suggestion.

By Uncleshaggy November 04, 2013, 17:32:34


You know I've been thinking that with Easter, out of his buwow (hole) should come Ozzi Ozbun and his Cwazy Twain.

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Lets have a Fleaster party. We need more events!

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Fleaster Egg Hunt
A new NPC wearing a Fleaster Wabbit costume will give a new quest "Gotta fi nd them all".
One Fleaster eggs will be hidden in all Amakna maps (outside building only). You can search and find them by clicking on its hidding place (example, to grab the egg in the map on the right of the village zaap, you have to click on the water well). If it seems to be to hard clicking randomly on objects on the map, the mouse cursor could change to an interact icon (usually a gear icon but an egg icon would be better) whenever you mouse over a hiding spot (then again, there could be 5 possible hiding spot, 4 of which do not contain an egg, but I guess it would be too much work for the programmer to implement).

The object of the game is to search and find as many fleaster egg as you can to get rewards.
25% of total eggs = a gift box of 10 assorted shikegax
50% of total eggs = a new fleaster egg emote
75% of total eggs = a new fleaster bunny incarnation weapon "Eggscalibur the Cawwot Sword"
100% of total eggs = a new fleaster bunny pet with pet emote "Eggsplosion".

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