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Haha seriously, WTF is wrong with Ankama?

By Amnesty August 02, 2006, 19:09:09

First they nerf the highlvl Daggers, (Daggers I'm using) and now they're gonna nerf Root Well... Because a very few amount of people using it.
Now it will be totally useless, yeah totally.

1 hour before they posted about the update info I added points to lvl 5 Staff Skill. Also been hunting mats for Root Well for a week, now I'll need to get 3mil to get rid of Staff Skill.

This is a fucking joke man, a big fucking joke.
Why even make the items in the first place? Let's all fight with Twiggy Swords instead. Nub devs.

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While I can understand your frustration about the developers pulling the carpet out from under you, I think it's important to put it into perspective. You're right, not a lot of people were using the Root Well. Why might that be? Here's an example Root Well I found:
Root Well
Staff Lvl. 143

Strength >150
Vitality >400
Intelligence >50
Agility >50
Rank >6

AP : 4
Range : 1
Critical Hit Bonus : 20
Critical Hit : 1/45
Failure : 1/70

7 - 16 (neutral)
7 - 16 (neutral)

[code]204 vitality[/code]
[code]33 strength[/code]
[code]5 to critical hits[/code]

Damages increased by 18%
AP lost by the target: 1 (this is actually AP drain of the target, not the caster)

[code]13 prospecting[/code]

6% air resistance

You'll notice a couple things about this staff that make it very unique. It requires Rank 7 to wear, which explains why so few people wear it, but other than that, the requirements are nothing special for a weapon of its level; a strength based character at that level can easily meet them. The critical hit information is very interesting, though. A 20 critical hit bonus with a 1/45 crit rate, and a 1/70 fail rate. The staff itself gives 5 crits, so it's really a 1/40 crit rate. 35 crits, while not easy, is far from impossible for a level 143 character to reach in order to get to the 1/5 crit rate that is reduced to 1/2 by agility. Another thing we notice is the base damage of this staff is relatively low for its level, but it hits twice. Therefore, we must think that it relies on a critical hit for damage. However, critical hits apply to both parts of the staff's damage. Effectively, on a crit hit, the staff damage becomes 27 - 36 neutral damage, twice, for 4AP. Not only that, the staff also has an AP drain on it.

I think the main problem with the staff (and the Mehlon Daggers, which you refer to) is the fact that the developers gave these weapons lower crit rates with unusually high crit bonuses, without accounting for the fact that the crit bonus applies to all parts of the weapon's damage. In the case of the Mehlons, the crit steal damage on the Mehlon Daggers combined with the primary damage was resulting in a ridiculous amount of damage being done three times a turn, combined with healing. The problem was greater with the Mehlons because people were hitting three times a turn instead of just two. I think the issue with the Root Well was the extremely high crit damage combined with the AP drain.

Your argument that only a few people were using the weapon, in my eyes, is not valid. First, ignoring the fact that Jiva has many more highbie players than we do, I imagine that as time moved on and Rushu had several more 143+ strength-based Rank 7 players, the Root Well would definitely be their weapon of choice. Nothing else at that level even compares. The developers are trying to maintain weapon balance, not make one single weapon so powerful that people are maxing out secondary Weapon Skills (like you admit to have done) just to make use of it. All it takes is for one person to make use of an unbalanced weapon to unbalance the PVP playing field, which I think is a concern of the developers.

In your personal situation, Amnesty, I'd suggest putting in a ticket and see if you can work something out.

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It's not much better when they start limiting weapons to specific classes. Consider how the Karnak was changed to Iop Only now. Sword classes like Ecaflips now have fewer choices to pick from (even though almost all of the 100+ swords are rather weak and very improper in stats and bonuses). For them, they have only 3 100+ swords to pick from, and none of them are as good as they could be (thus more LV 100+ weapons are needed now). Look at bows as well. Any DECENT bows past 100 are Cra only. If too many weapons are made class-specific, it's gonna put limitations on some classes while boosting others. Also, I doubt I need to say anything about how crit bonuses are dropping rapidly. The devs are gonna need to be very careful about adjusting weaponry, otherwise they'll undermine their intentions to balance all the classes properly.

On a similar note, more higher level equipment is needed, especially in terms of cloaks.

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Was actually talking about Ramougres and Sives. Sives are still good even though it had less crit bonus, but ramougre 5-14, 5-6 (+10 critbonus) is almost useless now.
The base damage is way to low to have such a low critbonus.

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Like the Root Well, the Ramougre Daggers have an AP drain on them. Not only that, but they hit 3 times for a potential -3AP on your target. Daggers that take AP shouldn't do damage comparable to those of daggers that don't.

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anifinder :
Like the Root Well, the Ramougre Daggers have an AP drain on them. Not only that, but they hit 3 times for a potential -3AP on your target. Daggers that take AP shouldn't do damage comparable to those of daggers that don't.

Then why did they even make the items with +15 +20 critbonus in the first place? I mean, they know people will hit hard with them.
But when they waste weeks and millions and millions of kamas to make those items just to see them get nerfed...

And the AP drain is just a bonus, most high lvl players have high dodge% anyways.
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