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A new way to exo mage AP/MP on your items?

By CoolRay - SUBSCRIBER - July 19, 2014, 19:44:25

Sadly, this likely won't happen and AP/MP exos are supposed to be super hella really damn hard to get. Well now they are becoming a requirement in the game and will make a weak person become a OP person. The sad thing is that these items which are so rare, cost upwards of 50 million kamas. That's why I think that either A) Remove AP/MP exos entirely, or cool Try to make it so it isn't so damn hard to obtain, but not easy enough so that everyone could do it. I'm talking making it so that instead of being worth 50m+ they are worth... 10m. I'm not talking about Ankama going on the game and manually swapping the prices, just maybe a quest or some sort that's REALLY long or something like that.

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I don't think it will happen because AP and MP exos are currently one of the things that endgamers do once they have beaten everything and have the best normal gear that money can get.

Basically us endgamers need something to do to keep us busy, and wasting millions making an exo mage is a good thing for us to do. It also redistributes money back to the lower levels. We spend millions on runes and that money goes back down to the lower levels who farm AP and MP runes, etc.

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