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Smartfone intergration

By Nontastic - SUBSCRIBER - August 30, 2014, 00:27:43

Hello there

What do you guys think about this: What if Dofus would develop and release an app to chat on your server in your guild and or private messages?
I have been thinking about this for a few weeks and I guess it would work? Like they have some applications for LoL ( league of legends).
If you login to this app with your Dofus account you can select your character and you can start to chat with your guild. happy

Just an idea wink

BTW: first post ever so..

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Welcome to the forum!

Right now we are still waiting for the dofus modules that are being develop. Maybe one of those could be a chat app that could be downloaded for mobile use.

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They used to have this, available on iOS and some non-smart phones. You could talk and feed your pets as well. However, it was discontinued due to lack of usage. It wasn't even properly translated for the English community, and the French hardly used it apparently.

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I didn't know that but I think with the way the community is now, most people have smartfones.
So I guess it would be more used?

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Yeah I had the app that they used to have, Dofuspocket or something. It was all french, but you could still figure it out. But I don't see it in the app store anymore. Surprised more people didn't use it.

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I did use Dofuspocket. It was a cool way to acces your character and figure things out when you couldn't log into the game.
The app needed some improvement, but now it seems to be gone overall.

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