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Adding small features to the Minotoror's island

By trololo2222 - SUBSCRIBER - September 11, 2014, 19:22:59

I think everyone knows how it is frustrating to spend a whole day respawning or searching for Deminoball and Mumminotor. This problem is well-known and I know many players had already suggested a few ways to improve the situation, though Ankama still doesn't have any plans for a complete rework of the island. I may assume that the biggest problem at searching those mobs is not knowing if either Deminoball or Mumminotor has respawned or not. It may be annoying to try to respawn them in one room when they are in another, or try to check every room looking for them when they haven't even spawned yet.

Since Ankama can't make big or full changes at the present time, I have 2 small suggestions (that might be easy to be implemented). First is to allow the NPC Lorkos the possibility to tell players if Deminoball or Mumminotor has respawned or not. In my opinion, this may help players to know how what they should do when they enter the labyrinth: respawn or look for them, and feel at least a bit less frustrated than before. The same feature is presented at the Snowfoux dungeon, where the NPC tells us if Fuji the bounty (not the boss) has respawned or not, which is pretty useful.
Second thing to be added is the option where Lorkos could also tell players the approximate position of Demi and Mummi, similar to the Lord Crow's Library system (for example Lorkos says Demi might be at rooms 17, 18, 22 or 23; Mummi at other 4 possible rooms etc.). This would really help players a lot, while still making people to understand and use the switch systems to look for them.

Overall, I offer some suggestions that would make Deminoball and Mumminotor searching a bit easier. But I still leave the final decision to Ankama.

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If they haven't spawned, you cannot do anything. The problem about the maze is not to locate demi and mummy, you can search through the maze in a minute or 2. The problem is that demi and mummy are NOT spawning regularly. I have been there many times, and had to spend quite much on trying to make both of them spawn. Once I have killed all the mobs in all the rooms, but none of them have spawned. I think this must be taken care of quickly, since the change of the crimson dofus, many more players will experience this and be frustrated.

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Personally don't understand why they don't just respawn upon being attacked, a new mob appearing where they were and them going into another mob instantly, like archmonsters do...

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I'm 99% sure they changed this so that they do respawn right away because of the Crimson quests.

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Nope. Still had to force spawn them multiple times since the release of Crimson.

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