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Unhelpful and Annoying?

By Gregold-the-wise August 08, 2006, 10:40:35
This is a duplicate thread. As such, I'm closing it.

This is the entirety of the last message in a thread. I find this completely annoying and unhelpful. I didn't make the post, but I was curious about the answer. I understand that duplicate threads are unecessary, but if you're going to take the time to close a thread, it's just lame not to also put the link to where the answer can be found.

It's like taking the time to answer a question by saying, "This question has been answered." Oh yes? Well, where? What's the answer? Am I to spend my hours refreshing myself on the antiquities of the Dofus Forums? Or are the mods supposed to be helpful?

Just wondering...
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That's a good idea. I'm still in the learning process as far as moderating goes. I'll incorporate your suggestion in the future.

Feel free to add suggestions, but I'm moving this topic to remarks, as it doesn't relate to gameplay directly.

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Moderatoring a forum... It can be a job.

As it was suggested, instead of just saying there is another topic as the such, please provide a link. If you do know the answer, summerize it and add it to the locking post. There isn't much to actually do as a moderator as is, but, if the thread is, say, 5 pages back, allow a new one so it is easier to find. I know that a lot of members would like it to be quicker to find an answer that isn't tucked away into the farther reaches of the forum.

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So many time players willask a question without first checkingto see if there is already an answer.

They may be tricky to use but try to search through these Old forum pages

Check the Wiki pages

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