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[Fight]New deactivable option

By AwakeW#9704 - SUBSCRIBER - January 09, 2015, 18:38:35
As I showed in this thread, there's a little latency when monster dies, which can makes people like me using AoE attacks, to lose some seconds of their so precious time. So I wondered if it was possible to had an option that could deactivate the death animation and that will, actually, act the same way as it would in creature mode, without the drawback of deactivating the sprites, since I love the appearance of my character.

That was my main idea, but since some people added content to this might-be idea, there's what they thought of:

  • The death animations of characters/enemies would generate a pause in the counter system, which would allow people that uses AoE to get the same play time then any other class.

That made me think of something. If the pause isn't something to consider, will there be a possibility to add a new variable to monster that is linked to his death animation time? The idea is that when a monster is killed, his death animation time variable would had his value to the counter. Is that even something possible?

Kind regards,
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