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My 11th Class Suggestion: Croissants, the Gingerbread class.

By Gunnerwolfang - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - February 11, 2015, 13:12:07

Throughout the history of the world of twelve, there have been mysterious appearances of bread that have mysterious powers, bread that changes your appearance, and bread possessed by a monstrous spirit that attacks those who try to eat it... etc etc etc... It seems that those were just the early evolution of the breadmen.

Today, fresh from the magical oven in Incarnam, incarnating souls can now choose to be reanimated as a living breadman/breadwoman.

Let's welcome the "Croissants", the tastiest new class in the WoT.

Croissants: Breadman class
Origin: During the battle between Yugo and Ogrest, a monster bread that was previously eaten by Ogrest reacted with the 6 Dofus egg in Ogrest's stomach, and in one brief instance became a god, which created the croissants class and sends them simultaneously to the dofus and wakfu era.

Fighting Style: Bread-Fu, Cookery, Culinary Martial Arts
Role: Buff/Debuff tanker (using his own body, this class can make their ally stronger and/or weakens their opponents).

Sample Spells:
Bread Body: Turns body edible: Heals 2-5 times the damage taken. Be careful when using around enemy or else you will end up healing them while you lose your HP.
Hot Chocolate Filling: Turns their body into a stuffed bread with boiling hot chocolate filling which splash damage over 2-3 tiles AoE dealing 2-5 times of the damage taken.
Candy Cane: Summons a stationary sticky candy cane summons that have a very high lock rating to immobilize enemies.

To be continued...

Additional spells:
Freshly Baked:
Gives off a 4 AoE smell that puts the enemy into a drooling state. Enemy in drooling state will deal 50% less damage against other target. In order to lose this state, they must attack the croissants who cast that spell on them.
Jawbreakers: A medium range earth based attack. Lessens the opponents healing by 50%.

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First thing I thought of when reading this was gingy out of shrek lol. Do a spell when he goes massive like the muffin man made whatshisface in shrek 2

heh id be up for any type of class as long as they stop with the stupid 'state' nonsense. I don't know many people who like that mechanic past a few months or so. just gets annoying.

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Is this serious?

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All 11 of my class suggestions are always just for fun. Do not take it too serious, because for me Dofus is not serious.

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