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Multi -character player limited invenotry

By Floppaloppagus - SUBSCRIBER - March 13, 2015, 03:58:59

So while playing dofus i tend to switch between my characters on my accounts a lot. i do not play with alts. in doing so i tend to have to switch pets, equipment and other things using the bank to utilize them all on my other character. i think having limited POD inventory will decrease the amount of time it takes to switch the items between characters, better utilize the items i have earned through subs and in-game as well as saving the in game players a few kamas by accessing my player bank frequently. I don't know if anyone has suggested this before i tend endlessly wander the forums checking so i apologize for the re-post if it is one.

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Not exactly an account-wide inventory but same concept.

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As a solo account player, this will greatly make switching between character a lot convenient.

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Make a portable chest object that can be carried around and can store up to 1000 pods and 20 items. This portable chest would act as a separate inventory, like a dragoturkey's inventory, but would weigh 0 pods and would be visible within each character's inventory on a player account.

The alternative is to use a house's chest(s). Bank access requires a fee, but it would otherwise require having all your characters go home when you log off, and to unequip or drop off whatever you need to use with other characters on the account. This would be fine, except that houses are expensive and often far away from whatever you are doing before you switch characters. Also, items get misplaced when you have so many different options for where they could be: bank, house, mount, multiplied by however many alt accounts you have.

A portable chest object accessible by every character on an account should be obtainable through a quest that sends you to various banks in the game, and probably ends at the Enurado dimension. It might involve chest drops like flib's cursed little box. Then every character who has finished that quest can access that portable account chest.

It's like the ender chest in Minecraft.

This could be used with players who have multiple professions among characters on the same account, but the limitation of pods and items would mean frequent character switching. For example, my lumberjack pandawa could gather wood and store it in the portable chest, then remain in the forest while my eniripsa comes on and remains in the workshop grinding twiggy wands or staves without needing to go to the bank.

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