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Kolossium's rating system

By YouthInAsia - SUBSCRIBER - June 15, 2015, 23:08:27

As someone who enjoys PVP'ing, it breaks my heart every time I get put up against a team of lvl 199/200's as a level 185 osamodas (as of now).
Kolossium has always been one of the reasons I kept coming back to Dofus, but alot has changed after my recent return.
After starting a new character on Rushu and leveling my way up to the 150's, I decided it was time to finally start participating in Kolossium matches again.
Surprisingly enough (without having been in a Kolossium match once after creating my character) I had a rating of over 1400 (#1).
I figured this was intended and that I could just lower by losing matches (which wasn't hard as I was only being put up against level 200 teams (#2)).
It appeared that it was way harder, I guess I could even say impossible to lower my rating. For every match I lost, my rating wouldn't even decrease by more than 2 and winning a fight increased my rating by more than 10.
It saddens me that I'm unable to enjoy Kolossium as much as I used to, if every fight is either an unbalanced one or just takes too long even start (#3).

What I'd like to see changed:

Base rating should always be at 1000 because it doesn't make sense to be rewarded (it's more of a burden, really) for doing nothing.

Matches should be more balanced, For example, I got into a Kolossium match on my 195 iop today, my teammates were 2 level 199's, our opponents were a level 125, a level 155 and a level 199.
Yes, their rating was probably around the same as ours, but that didn't keep them from standing absolutely no chance at all.
It would be better to have a maximum level difference implemented, or even better remove the rating system entirely. If you don't agree, then please explain to me how a level 150 team with 1400 rating supposedly should be able to take on a level 200 team with 1400 rating.

Implement inter-server Kolossium matches. Having to wait over an hour for a Kolossium match to start, being on the most populated English-speaking server is just simply laughable.
And it should be even worse on less populated servers. Pretty self-explanatory.

Yes, I am aware that it takes time to achieve all of the above, and I'm completely fine with that, it would be satisfying enough to hear that Ankama is aware of these 'problems' and is willing to solve them.

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1) No opinion, I don't even kolo

2) There is a minimum level difference of 50 when using pre-made teams.

3) Inter-server Kolossium is in the works, and has been for a while.

I bet what's making inter-server kolo take so long is that they're also adding bits that will allow them to add other stuff they want to, for example, inter-server markets. I recall seeing posts saying that inter-server Kolossium is nearly ready for a beta test, so hopefully it will make its way to the live game soon™.

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1) I think your base rating has something to do with your level, however in theory you should go to your real rating rather fast (however it doesn't by lack of opponents)
Solution: interserver-kolo

2) Normally lower levels can get this high ratings by beating high(er) level players. The system should match people by rating to achieve 50% winning chances for each. Again with a lack of opponents you get unbalanced fights, where you often loose (and loose only a bit rating) and sometimes win (rating raises a lot)
Solution: interserver-kolo

3) Ye, guess what:
Solution: interserver-kolo

It's coming, be patient, a big pool of players solves a lot!
However I never heard anything of interserver-markets Dye...

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Inter-server markets was something that one of the developers expressed an interest into exploring as a future possibility, as far as I know nothing has been said past that regarding it though.

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