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By -Nightshade- - SUBSCRIBER - June 18, 2015, 17:37:38

So lately I've heard a lot about the Sadida being overpowered, and other classes underpowered etc.

As a possible solution I thought of adding a new mechanism to several classes that reduces Self-Heals,
Adding it as an effect to some Spells that are considered weak or are underused.
The effect would apply a de-buff to healing, it would reduce incoming self-healing by 5%(lvl1) 5%(lvl2) 10%(lvl3) 15%(lvl4) 20%(lvl5)
The effect would not be stackable(and perhaps even to not make it overpowered if you apply it an even number of times it would go away, an odd number it would stay --> For example: Leek pie adds a 5% healing reduction for 3 turns but you cast it twice so the effect was removed by the 2nd cast. This would allow teammates to remove the effect as well so they can heal their allies properly in return for damaging one of their own)

The effect would only reduce self-heals, that way support classes would not get nerfed to the ground, but an Eni with 10 regenerating words stacked, or an int sadida with a Thanos Staff wouldn't be unkillable.

I know there is Erosion already, but many teams lack the ability to erode the target, or manage to apply erosion but have to focus on it for 10 turns for it to actually benefit them due to their low damage.

As for spells I could think of that would do this:
Enutrof's Shovle Kiss(perhaps on a crit only),Mass Clumsiness.
Osamada's Lashing Claw
Xelor's Counter(lower the reflect and add the effect)
Eniripsa's Wounding Word(Perhaps on a crit only)
Pandawa's Schnaps

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This seems excessive considering erosion in game already. Defensive teams that rely on healing are already at a huge disadvantage against teams that have erosion, this would make healing classes completely worthless for PvP if you give more classes an easy counter to them, same for PvM if the monsters then get access to these spells (which would be likely considering how many monsters have access to erosion skills)

Personally, I think the game should be going the other route, remove player and monster accessible erosion effects and leave it at the base 10% erosion.

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