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Lock ability

By Gandereq - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - September 24, 2015, 11:10:04

In here I would like to mention about the "Lock" characteristic. I discovered that the Lock is a critical part of PvP for some characters and I think dependence Lock on Agility is a bit unfair for some characters (who dont use Agi element or can't use Agi element for some reasons).

I'm playing Int/Str Feca and Lock is significant for me in PvP, especially in 1v1, especially due to restrictions about the range modification. When I'm playing against the Agi Sram or Agi Cra, I'm almost not able to attack them because of those restrictions.

In conclusion I think the the Agi chars can easily around the map with no problem is a huge benefit for them. There are plenty of ways of avoid locking (Srams invisibility, Pandas map control, Masqs unlockable spell, etc).

I think lock shall be based on another characteristic - maybe something similar to Initiative and lvl based ?

Thanks for reading and your understanding.

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because there are some classes that are gonna be waay too OPie, classes like iops and eca's with hard lock can kill their enemy 100%

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That's true and I can't disagree. My idea was to make the lock/dodge ability more aligned for all class.

At the moment, Agi characters has always 100+ Lock, and others around 30-40 (from my observations).

And as I said before: there are plenty of ways to avoid locking. If all classes and characters will be able to lock another player in similar way and with similar chance the fight will be require from the players more thinking and better map control and crowd control.

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In my opinion, one does not need to become an agility char to have high lock. There are quite few equipments with earth/fire/omni stats that also gives high lock (count, treadfast, etc.). And if that isn't enough, there are always trophies around and Blokus pet. Lastly, fecas are able to steal agility with their spell, which reduces enemy's dodge and increases lock.

Also, having 1 lock trophy should be enough to cause a non agility char to have bad time.

Speaking of which, I believe there was a rumor of the possible revamp of dodge/lock system, mainly making lock dependable on strength stat and only dodge on agility. But this is yet to be confirmed, I wouldn't expect a change soon.

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Im playing enutrof and I also pvp mostly kolo, but if i had lock based on my level or iniative, then all the summons would stick around me - those who usually hit and run.

I dont need lock and it would be a pain to have excess lock for those classes who have minimum range restrictions.

So this leads to:
1) either add the lock level based or iniative based AND remove minimum range restrictions for all spells
2) do nothing.

Use throphies if you need excess lock or scroll agi. + i have seen some OP agi fecas, so changing build might be an option to go with.
If I complained about everything that doesn't satisfy me in PVP and how my class should be boosted - id just ask for God-mode.
There will always be someone who will complain and you can't satisfy everyone at the same time.

Certain builds of certain classes are incapable of defeating other builds from other classes.
For example, I am a full chance enu and I am powerless against sadidas for example - for every spell i need line of sight, if i dont have it, i cant do anything. To fix this i would have to change build.

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they deff could go with removing the connection of lock and dodge to agility, and it go well, that's for sure...

as for it being op, i find that quite...wrong. very. the classes that are weak to being locked (enu, eni, osa etc) are intentionally weak to that, because without that weakness. Also, My water pandawa has over 100 lock without a blokus... because she benefits from it.if you want lock, it's quite easy to get, and convienantly, alot of the stronger sets at endgame give very nice lock (abyss set, treadfast set, deep sea set, etc) but so often do people think "i'm not agility, lock is a waste" or "I don't need lock, it doesn't help me to pin people down" that they don't have much. also enus, enis, osas, sadis, etc are often built with having a higher amount of dodge to combat this, which is also, albeit less, easy to acomplish (thankfully now we have the nidas set thoguh, which helps the majority of those facing this issue)

and it's quite amusing saying cha enu weak to a sadi with how powerful a intelligence enu against them. xD not that it's wrong...

also iops and ecas with high lock being 100% deadly? hardly. iops are commonly in treadfast and totally capable of having high amounts of lock, and with the recent changes to softcaps air iops are quite scary, especially with portals factored in. Air ecas are also incredibly powerful, with often obscene amounts of lock from agility alone, yet i would hardly consider them overpowered. anyone that can keep them away shuts them down quite well....

to be honest, if they just straight removed the connection between lock and dodge to agility, and just added it to more items than it currently is, i think that'd change the game in a positive way, and they're sure to do much better than that if they are to. however, i really hope they wouldnt do it like initiative, where everyone would have lock, as that would make it a very very very very uninteresting mechanic.

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I think the current system is fine, no complaints from me. Although if there were to be a revamp then I wouldn't deem it unnecessary.

One thing that they can add though, is the fact you can see an enemies "dodge" just like how you can see their lock.

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