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Pvm and Pvp inspired spells

By superbestofwar - SUBSCRIBER - February 14, 2016, 21:51:57

As we all may know, some spells can be abused in pvp which can create the unfortunate situation of a nerf for a character class, if we were to have spells that were customized for pvp and pvm we wouldn't have as much of the problems such as, xelors abusing synchro thus resulting in a nerf. Every time a charter class is nerfed they do not only lose effectiveness in pvp but also in pvm, which is a core if not the core aspect if this game. Many of the pvp problems could be solved with pvp and pvm oriented spells, such as the case of summons with too much hp, or a class with spells unfair in pvp but not as mu h so in pvp.

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Look. I understand you're frustrated but you're going about this in a bad direction.
There's nothing in your rant that would add to the game or frankly benefit anyone.
You said pvp and pvm oriented spells, but do you realize that taking spells away from a class if they wish to enter pvp is unacceptable?
A class needs all their tools, and spells require lots of time and kamas to raise up to the maximum level. I believe that at it's core Dofus players need to learn how to use ALL of their class spells effectively to do battle. Restricting players choice of spells based on if they're fighting players or monsters makes things more complicated than they should be.

I think if anything we should look at how Sacriers only gain half of their punishment stats from damage in pvp.
Or how the Enutroph's spell Unsummoning does extra damage to summons.
I believe adding conditional effects such as these to spells, while not necessary by any means, would be far more interesting.
Do keep in mind though that Sacriers are far outdated compared to all the classes to date.

Here's another idea, have things like the half-stats from punishments worded to make them say the stats gained in pvm are doubled rather than halved in pvp.
Giving the illusion they're buffed in pvm rather than nerfed for pvp.

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