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By xzaosllama3 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - July 11, 2016, 22:37:53

Very simple little idea, but helps people who are trying to figure out what they want to sell on the market:

In any market, there should be an option to "View Market History", which will show you the last ~10 (Adjustable as wanted, probably not past 20 though) sales of the item; When they were, how big the stack was, how much they sold for.

Just a little thing to help people who can't decide what they want to turn their Kolotokens into to make the most kamas smile


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Good idea at the first look. But I think it has a problem: this will stop the prices from changing so much, they will give a stable price to most of the items. That would be the end of merchants era.

But I don't know if this would happen for sure, so you get +1 from me, I'd like to see it in-game.

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This might help players a lot, especially new players and those who recently came back from a long break. It can be very hard to know if the prices that are on the market are reasonable, maybe all the reasonable offers have already been taken and the remaining ones are overpriced. So being able to see what people have actually payed for it recently could help tremendously.

On the other hand, wouldn't it be very easy to cheat it? Put up lots of overpriced items, then buy twenty of them with an alt, and it will look like people are more than willing to pay that much for it?

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It would stop the prices changing hugely unless you were to alter them manually. Say the price of Piwi Hats is 5kk per. If you bought up all the 5kk hats, then put in 10 more for 10kk, and bought those for 10kk, it would only show the last 10 sales; it would show the price as having been 10kk.

But being able to play the market like that has always been a thing, I think that wouldn't change at all and that would be pretty good.

But the advantages of it are that you'd be able to see if an item is frequently bought in 1/10/100 stacks, how long it usually takes for them to sell (Decide if you want to sell it on trade channel instead if none have sold in the last week) etc.

I'm sure some tweaks would have to be made for it, but it's a very interesting idea imo. The issue of price stability could also be solved by just varying the history you get, maybe even change it so it just shows when things were sold and not how much for.

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