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Emotes and Spell animations

By Vectruz - SUBSCRIBER - September 07, 2016, 05:28:05

Hi everybody! This is a sugestion AND a complaint topic:

What is the problem with the art and animation team?

I mean, some animations like spells, emotes or even monsters animation are gorgeous to see and appreciate, but on the other hand, there are those animations that are just... bad and lazy.

Why they don't give the class animations to the designer that do a great job and raise his payment so we all can get satisfied while playing our class or spending money with marvelous emotes.
And the sugestion is to remake "old" class emotes so they all get a glance of our beloved gods... or even give each class a spell with a god animated like xelor or iop has.
I'm saying that because as a sadida, i'm REALLY sad that we had our remake but our animations got bad. And ours and other class emotes are far from what we know you can do!
Regards biggrin 
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There is a problem with a duration of the animation too in my opinion. They're not reliable in terms of AP points used. For example 2 AP spell coins throwing takes the same amount of time as 6 AP spell moon hammer. Imagine that you're using coins throwing mostly. Comparing to other player who uses 4 AP spells you will be always lacking time. Especially if you use time bonuses from finishing your turn early.

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