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Will there ever come a new, English server?

By Joeynouwen - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - November 18, 2016, 18:42:49

I'm really craving an MMO at the moment and the only good one I can think of is DOFUS.
The problem is, I feel like I'm so far behind on everyone else that it demotivates me from even trying.
I don't mind if people are richer and/or better than me;
I just find it really demotivating to know that there are players with billions of kamas, running teams of 8 fully geared level 200 characers.

Ever since I started playing DOFUS I always wanted it to be like a regular MMORPG, limited to 1 account per connection.
Not having to rely on other players pretty much removes the entire MMO aspect, if you can simply craft and fight everything yourself.
I can see the appeal to it ($$$) but I think it's not healthy for the game.

All I want is to play on a brand new servers with my friends, with no character transfers and limited to 1 account per server.
Wouldn't mind paying 4x the subscription price to play on such a server.

Is there any chance this might be happening in the future?

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There won't be, since most servers are suffering from a severe lack of population.

People would run said lvl 200 teams regardless of your server anyway, through use of certain programs that allow for it. The only difference is that your access to gear, resources and people to play along will be much worst.

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If you are demotivated from trying because some people are very far ahead from you then dont try, what a defeatist attitude lol.

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I hear you on this post.

Unfortunately, a new server of this nature is quite unlikely. They will probably design the game around it by adding a hero system like Wakfu has (making multi-accounting a formal feature).

Still, I'd be interested in a server that enforced playing a single account only. I tried playing Dofus Touch, thinking that would be the one... nope. There's plenty of multi-accounting through emulators and multiple devices. So I just went back to the PC.

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