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Treasure hunts

By fore-shotz - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - March 09, 2017, 22:22:08

Hi so I want to talk about topic that was bothering me for a long time. Treasure hunts I enjoy doing them but they are way to easy to do and they are repetetive I think we need to change them. 1st we need to include NPC to talk, and they would give question and you would need to answer it. 2.Sometimes quests looks useless so why dont include quests requirements for hunts like entering exclusive zones and etc. .3 It should be changed the way to get treasure hunts cause now you can talk to NPC and if u dont like task u can cancel it, why don't just include NPC who would give u treasure hunt after doing something for him, like killing X amount of mobs.

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First, why? That npc will likely have limited scripted answers, so it will not solve the issue; it will be basic memorization, or at worst, a google search, and it adds absolutely nothing. Second, again, why? If the quest sends you into an area, you're already forced to go there. Also, if you don't access to say, pandala, no hunts will start in pandala or send you there. Because you have no access. It's automatic, because being forced to make a quest in order to do a hunt is not practical; can you imagine how it would be for a newer player getting multiple hunts on snowbound village and having to wait 10 minutes because they don't have a party to blaze through frighost? 3: That would make treasure hunts much easier to abuse, since you can just reset until they start in an aggro area.

Bad ideas all around, honestly. I think hunts are fine. They give the reward they should for the time they take.

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