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Dragoturkey Stats

By MaxMedinaV - SUBSCRIBER - March 20, 2017, 01:23:27

So, I have noticed that dragoturkeys stats seem to be quite low compared to seemyools. Emeralds used to be useful for their MP bonus but now that every single seemyool gives MP, emeralds are not as useful. Perhaps emeralds could gain more vitality. If you compare an Emerald and Crimson dragoturkey to a Golden and any element seemyool, the seemyool is always better.
Seemyool: 1Mp, 100vit, 40 power, 11 resist
Current Emerald and Crimson: 1Mp, 100Vitality, 30 strength
New Emerald and Crimson: 1Mp, 200Vitality, 30-40strength
Perhaps giving the dragoturkey additional stats like hp or element points will make them more desirable and help to balance seemyools and their own stats.
Bring back dragoturkeys.

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Yeah, there are only a few Dragonturkeys that are worth using right now becuase they have unique statuses such as Range, Summons or Initiative. But still, along with pets, they became obsolete since the buff on Seemyools.
These itens need a rework to become viable again, but I guess Ankama and everyone else already know that.

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I couldn't agree more. I hope dt and pet balancing is something that gets some serious attention soon.

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Yes please! As it is now, the 10th generation of Dragoturkeys has lost almost all value.
Don't make them fade away only to be bred for scrolls.

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Turkeys are supposed to be easier to breed though, imagine capturing a bunch of seemyools when you're lvl60.

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