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Glyph power and damage

By Sterntaler - SUBSCRIBER - April 03, 2017, 16:03:39


Im wondering since a while why there is some gear with trap power and trap dmg but no gear to boost fecas glyphs? I suggest that ether all glyphs will be counted as traps and get the bonus too or that there should be gear with extra glyph power and dmg.

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I believe trap dmg and power was invented for the old agi srams. As you will see most of these stats are on agi equipment (like shroom set). This was done in order to allow agi srams do some minor damage with their traps, (all damaging traps used to be earth damage only). Ankama does not seem to like it anymore as only old equipment has these stats.

On your suggestion to apply trap damage to glyphs: it would be interesting as an additional stat, but for feca only. Perhaps the idea could be extended towards more forms of indirect damage in order to make it useful for more classes. Spells that come to mind are cra's poison arrow, pandawa's vertigo, perhaps even fogger's harpooner.

Wether this stat will be useful on the existing equipment remains to be seen as, once again, most of the equipment involving trap damage and power is for agi builds.

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