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Dofus API --- Please..

By xFrozenxWondersx - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - April 20, 2017, 04:51:13

It bothers me that we still don't have an API for Dofus... Atleast even for static items?

Please can we get something! We got bots doing all these crazy things, getting all these crazy stats and what have you for every other game... Come on men(and ladies) it's 2k17! Time to join the revolution...

But seriously...

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What exactly would you want from a Dofus API?

Personally, I'd rather they spend the development time on implementing OAuth in a way that would allow people to log into things like guild forums with their Ankama account, while only sharing character details, such as that they have a char in the guild, not the actual Ankama login, but that's for selfish reasons in making it easier to automatically authenticate people in an alliance discord server.

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We do have Api in dofus smile

Click here


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I would love a Dofus API!  Most of all, I'd like to see current market prices for different batch sizes of items.  It would also be nice to get lists of what can be created for each profession at various levels, along with the recipes for each.

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Hey Tungston,

I think items and resources are available in DofusAPI as well as DofusLab. The only problem is that nobody can get daily prices of items because it will be against the rules and policies of Ankama (bots), but also it will ruin one of the ways a lot of people are making money now, since you can just make a script that checks prices twice a day, then gives you alert on what to sell and what to buy, you can even build algo-trading programs to get some probability on the market that way.

But the Dofus API, can help a lot in terms of getting alliance/guild information, server info, alliance territories and more.

Again, they can work on the details and content of the API in order to offer only the reasonable content.


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