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Time Space shouldn't be affected by Gravity States

By nicejhe - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - May 11, 2017, 17:01:12

Hello! Everyone,

I was rest playing dofus after I re-master the spell of revamped xelor. I start to play dofus after I read the update of server merge, I just noticed, all "returning spell"(eg. flight, Rewind, rollbak and frostbite) of xelor are now can be affected by gravity state! its more harder to play a xelor because those spell are the xelor's key of winning without telefrag we(xelors) are nothing . can you revert that kind nerf on xelors spell? were just a few players who main the xelor class those spells make us special and unique to other class. please considerate my suggestion

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"Time Space shouldn't be affected by Gravity States"
Well the curvature of space-time is gravity...

Okay, physics jokes aside, gravity effecting those spells was a considered balance change. This was not a bug fix, these were changed by the developers with the intent of adding some level of counterplay to symmetric teleportation

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I hope, DEVs THINK it well BEFORE they NERFed the xelor, because they made the xelor to rely on telefrag.

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