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Update regarding the game problems from the past week

By #[Nerodos] - ADMIN - May 30, 2017, 16:44:12

Your gaming experience has not been optimal lately, and we wanted to take some time to discuss the problems with you. Communicating with you is important to us, even if we can’t always give full details while we are in the midst of an issue. So now that most of the fires are out, we want to explain how these problems happened and walk you through our decision-making process.

This past week we diagnosed three different problems:

Server Memory Leak

This issue surfaced on Wednesday, when several servers required an unexpected reboot, a maneuver that needed to be repeated several times during the following day to prevent the servers from crashing outright. It was not an optimal solution, but it was the solution that allowed for the most server uptime while we searched for the source of the leak in the memory logs and created a patch to fix the issue, which was a top priority. A lasting solution was found on Friday, and thanks to a final hotfix maintenance on Friday afternoon, we were able to stop the reboots.

Latency Problems on Some Servers

Some of you are experiencing slowdown problems (aka “lag”), and some heavily populated servers (like Agride) are experiencing relatively frequent disconnections. To be completely honest, we have not yet found the ultimate solution to these problems. We need to carry out lengthy investigations to be certain that we have targeted the exact origin of these problems. Our server developers are under a heavy workload at the moment particularly due to the server mergers, which are a priority for the game this year, and they are conducting these investigations in parallel with their other tasks. As a result, we have decided we need to slow down the pace of the server merges to focus on resolving these concerns before we go forward again.
Here is where we need you and your feedback. We have created a single topic on the forums where we are asking you to post several things, including:
  • The name of your server
  • Dates and times when you’ve experienced lag

We will also provide an email address where you can send game logs that you can extract when you experience lag. Don’t worry; we’ll also explain exactly how to extract a log and any other necessary processes in the topic.
Your feedback is essential for the quick identification of the source of the problems you are experiencing. Without your help and detailed feedback, it will certainly take us 10 times longer to find the source of the problem.

Kama Exchange Closure Over the Weekend

This closure was a precautionary measure. During the weekend a bug associated with gift codes was discovered on WAKFU and exploited by numerous players. In this case, we chose to protect ourselves and shut down access to the Kamas Exchange. This issue is not directly related to DOFUS, but, because Ogrines can be used in both games, this seemed to be the wisest decision. Otherwise this flaw could have corrupted the game’s economy in a way that would require drastic action. Strict sanctions will be applied against players that exploited this flaw (permabans for certain players and temporary bans for others, according to the magnitude of their offense). We would like to remind everyone of this section within our terms and conditions of use:
5.2.5 You agree not to create, use, advertise, or promote any program or tool capable of causing damage to the Games or the Clients, or of altering the experience of the Games, including (but not limited to) bots, viruses, Trojan horses, piracy tools, cheats, automation software, mods, or any other unauthorized software intended to modify the Games or the Clients.

Your safety and the safety of the game is at stake. If you happen to witness this type of behaviour or fraud, feel free to report it to us as quickly as possible. The whole community will benefit from it and you will be rewarded by Ankama (like a super-hero, but without wearing your undies on top of your clothes).

We promised we would give you compensation for these recent events, so here are the actions we are taking:

  • There will be an in-game “open-house” day starting on Monday, June 5th, at 10:00 (Paris Time) and ending on Tuesday, June 6th, at 10:00 (Paris Time). Access to all game features and content will be unlocked for subscribed* and non-subscribed-players alike for 24 hours**.
    • *For subscribed-players, during the open-house, you subscription time will still be running, therefore, you will be given an extra day of subscription for that occasion.
    • **To make sure that it is a true 24 hour period, we will also move the weekly maintenance to Wednesday, June 7th.
  • For players with an on-going subscription, a day of sub time will be credited this week.
  • For players willing to subscribe between now and Monday, June 5th, at 23:59 (Paris Time), 1 extra day of subscription will be credited to your account after the open-house.
  • Additionally, the special "50% off Livitinems" promotion is back until June 2nd, at 23:45 (Paris Time). And it brought friends!

We would like to thank you all for your patience, your support and your understanding.
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