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By ozunothebeast#2110 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - June 09, 2017, 10:11:56

Please Ankama... For the love of god... Stop changing the skills, and weapon characteristics... YOU ARE RUINING YOUR GAME!!!! I was a long time fan of Dofus. You killed it. In the ground.. Dead. I HATE EVERY SINGLE CHANGE YOU'VE MADE!!! N most people I talk to in game agree. It is useless, to have the same class ever!!! The customer is always right. Even if you make the game what you want it... I and most people... Will hate it. I HATE THIS GAME NOW.

-You've taken away multiple swings per weapon... Daggers can only swing one time...? Really... Do you understand what at terrible concept that is. Cringe worthy..
-You've totally destroyed the fun of this game, which was freedom to build and focus on a specific skill to use.. You can't cast anything worth casting more than once!!! Come on man... Why do I even play? What a waste of ten dollars...
-YOU TOTALLY DESTROYED The range of every skill in this game. Everyone thinks it's extremely annoying to have a 4-9 range, and to have close combat weapons that can only swing once.... Half the time people are purchasing weapons for the add characteristic bonuses cause they are useless. Might as well just delete weapons. I hate having them. More an accesory than anything. BEFORE!!! They were cool to have cause they were HIGHLY effective and were cool to see someone use BECAUSE THEY WERE SO EFFECTIVE!!! Please bring back the fun of this game sad

Sincerely, disappointed game enthusiast sad

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the game gets more balanced and i would say thats perfect wink 

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Go play the v1.29 server?

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