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One starting position for quest fights

By kludd - SUBSCRIBER - July 17, 2017, 00:50:57

I don't know when the change that made starting positions change on each map after each fight or after a certain amount of time happened, but I think it screws with quest fights too much since they're also affected. I've been doing some solo quest fights in the abyss area and the random starting positions really suck sometimes by making you start right in the middle of a mob and the only way to change is to beat a normal fight on the same map or wait until it changes on it's own.

So why not just make starting positions for quest fights locked just like dungeon room are? I'd really prefer it if ankama just made their own starting positions for each quest fight that they think make the fight doable instead of taking normal fights until i get some decent starting position.

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This has good points and bad points. First of all having few choices of maps give advantage to the different classes, i am a sram and i'd like close combat map, but a cra would like ranged map. On the other hand i would like to have the same position and not someone to change it for me all the time...

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Hmm, so maps where quest fights happen do have fixed map, like the turret fight. I think it's a nice feature to be able to change the map when you have to defend the NPC in dimension quests.

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