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By sidewayup - SUBSCRIBER - August 31, 2017, 11:09:47
INTRO: Hello.
This is pretty common problem in kolo now and i got an suggestion for it. 
So every1 knows that most of kolo maps are long distance maps, im pretty sure they are more than small distance maps. As we all know, cra's got very huge advantage in maps like this cause they got pretty big range, but thats not the problem. The problem is that besides long range maps, there are long range maps with no walls where to hide, , and of course cra will have maximum initiative from all the other chars (most of the time), cause its important for cra to have a lot init.

Problem: Cra got 1st turn and there is no walls to hide + map sometimes can be linear. I got char with very high resistance but eaven with all that cra just hits me with tormenting + other spells and leaves me with 50% of my hp in my FIRST turn, when i got 4,2k hp in map where i need atleast 2 turns to eaven get to the other side of map. I realy see this as most unfair thing in all kolossium because... its obvious, there is no other class to do such a thing and its auto loose with turn like that if u dont have eni in team, eaven so eni has to waste his all 1st turn if he wants to heal 2k hp.

Solution a.k.a SUGGESTION: noone likes nerfing and cras got nerfed already before but i got a lot simplier suggestion how to affect this problem - Dont let cra start 1st round! Or atleast in long distance maps. Or idk another solution is dont make linear big range maps with no walls, or another suggestion - every map in kolo needs to have walls where to hide in 1st round... cause there are many times its just wrong ... 

Thank you, hope someone here with a right to affect something ingame can rly listen to me cuz i aint kidding here, sometimes i wish some GM would be in my place in kolo to see how really unfair it is and how u cant do anything eaven u got best set for all ur chars in the team, the combination of chars/maps/spells just doesnt flow together....  
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nice ini trophys

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The maps are just not good and i agree i've been lowered to 50% hp first turn by the cra, i have 30% res and 43 crit res which is not amazing but definitely make big impact on the dmg. I just don't mind cras to start first, this is just unfair... but there are maps where there literally isn't place to hide. This causes problems during the whole battle, because i have a xelor and a sram and they both struggle in the same maps against cras. 

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Unfair they have a better set than yours? I don't think so, buddy. 

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