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General damage revamp

By ichbinshoo - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - September 03, 2017, 12:38:36

We all know general damage is sort of obsolete. The implementation of elemental damage and the natural evolution of the game slowly made our good old Berserker/Gladiator Bworker, Hail/Sleet sets (and sooo many others) become less and less popular (or simply misunderstood).

My suggestion is quite simple: make general damage affect critical damage and pushback damage as well.
1 general damage = 1 neutral/earth/fire/water/air damage + 1 critical damage + 1 pushback damage.

In other words: General damage doubles in case of critical hit and adds to collision damage.

Since 99% of old equipment give no more than 10 general damage, I believe this change wouldn't be game breaking or affect game balance. This would give players many other options when picking their gear and breath some life into old areas, while helping economy and everything else.

*sorry for any grammar/spelling mistakes biggrin

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I believe that +damage works like this.

1+ damage affects everything except knockback. So Str, Int, Agi or Cha damage spells/instances.. It does not matter it gives 1+ damage. Also when you crit you do 1+ damage.

1+ elemental damage applies when you hit with that element. So if you have 1+ fire damage then you deal 1 more damage on all fire spells and weapons. It does not matter if you crit or not.

1+ crit damage only applies when you crit and it does not matter what element it is. It can combine with Str, Int, Agi and cha. The important factor is Crit.

+ pushback damage only applies on the pushback part of a spell and does not interact with any of the above.

This is how + damage works in my mind.

So why are there: + damage, + elemental damage and + crit damage. Well the answer is: specialization or Focus. Why would I need + str damage as a Eni. It is Useless for me. I am a Int eni so I want Int damage. + fire damage will have larger quantities on a item more since + damage goes for 5 types of damage (Neut/Str/Int/Cha/Agi) and + fire damage only one type. To explain what I mean is we have 5 people who do 5 different things and they all progress slowly. Now we get the idea. I don't need 4 of the different things that they do so we abandon that work and all focus on one of the things we are working on. Now we have 5 people who are working on 1 thing. Instead of spreading out the work we centralize the work into 1 subject which will make it go faster. They try to Specialize or focus on 1 subject so that they get the Max out of it. That is why + elemental damage is most of the times more then + damage. The same applies for + crit and + pushback.

PS: I may be wrong somewhere if so then please point it out. Don't want to tell stuff that is wrong.

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You are correct, but I guess you didn't understand my suggestion.

My suggestion is to make general damage to count also as critical and pushback.

In other words:
-If you crit, your general damage acts normally PLUS one extra damage (since it would also count as 1 critical damage).
-If you cause pushback damage, it would add an extra pushback damage to the collision (acting also as +pushback damage).

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Theoran|2017-09-03 13:35:03
Aaaaaa Now I see what you mean yes. I think that would be to much of a buff to +damage. I think +damage became sort of obselete since we want to focus on 1 or 2 Maybe 3 things now and so want more focus of damage but I don't think such a change will be correct. It would become to strong for Omni builds for example and make + crit damage less usefull.

Well, I guess it wouldn't be too strong since these items lack many key features for the game nowadays such as AP/MP reduction, lock/dodge... Plus, they don't give more than 10 damage. 10 damage + 10 critical damage is perfectly suitable for those 180-190 items since they lack secondary characteristics and have smaller set bonuses.
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Counterpoint: Inky Veil.
People still use this item that has the old +damage. The reason the other items you mentioned don't get much use isn't that they give +damage, but that in most cases, they are strictly worse that other options due to power creep. Gladiator bworker / Beserker bworker are both laughably bad sets when compared to newer items. Sleet / Hail are in a similar, but not as bad boat.

There's another problem with both of the above set combinations: They were designed to be wearable as full sets together. Might not sound like an issue, but since part of their power budget was tied up in the design team knowing you would get 2 full set bonuses using them, and that these were designed prior to the new trophies that disincentivize using multiple set bonuses, these sets just don't compete anymore, and it isn't the fault of +damage vs + elemental damages that this is the case.

Edit: and a problem further exacerbating the issue:
To make these sets, you have to forgo using ice powder / bworker nails on something more valuable as the devs stuck these into all sorts of higher level items to try and keep those 2 dungeons relevant.

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Well remembered about Inky Veil.

I do understand that the general damage itself is not the reason why people stopped using these sets. In fact, their overall power is laughable when compared to newer sets. The thing is that general damage is the common denominator for all old gear, and balancing the way this stat works would require no item re-balancing (which would be followed by the need of re-maging all old stuff, etc) while offering a ton of new options and combinations for players to choose from.

This could help making old stuff become something more useful and viable at least for PvE, without the dev team having to go through reviewing set bonuses, changing item stats or any sort of deeper changes. They'd be useful at least as spare parts and offer more options to the players. It's just sad to see so many itens forgotten.

Edit about your edit (haha): Ice Powder and Bworker Nails were introduced later. They are not a part of Bworker/Sakai recipes. 

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10 dmg is 40% ice dofus
all element cover
and u say weak

u misuderstand sets

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The problem is that this "40% ice dofus" is tied to useless and outdated items.

You cannot say "10 dmg all element cover" as if it was something outstanding, while items are already 2 or 3 element oriented by their other stats. 

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