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Krossover Alternate Worlds (Two Dofus 2 Version)

By Gunnerwolfang - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - September 08, 2017, 19:01:58

In Wakfu, players have an option of choosing between 2 alternate story to get either Chad or Pandora as sidekick. Earlier, I saw a new haven bag promo (Wabbit HB ), and I was thinking, new contents, no matter how small, tends to accumulate over time, which might cause problem (not too sure if it will be a problem since I don't have any knowledge in programming, all I know is that my computer slows down whenever its memory is nearing full).

If it will really be a problem in the future, how can Ankama keep adding new contents without stretching the client to bursting limit?

Alternate Worlds (Multiple Client System)
The idea is for Ankama to create a second client.
Client A: Goddess Eliatrope Client: The original client
Client B: Dragon WaKfu Client: The alternate client.

Now whenever Ankama develop a new update it will be distributed between the 2 client. 
For Example:
September Update: New Ivory Dofus will be for Client A.
December Update: New Ebony Dofus will be for Client B.
Ankama can either alternate or split contents between the two clients.

Lorewise it could be explained that the two alternate world are a product of a split dimension due to a temporal paradox or a disagreement between the goddess and the dragon, or a failsafe measure to prevent the 6 dofus from unifying (so on and so forth, the possibility is limited only by the imagination).
Extra lore: Noone from the dofus era can obtain both ivory and ebony at the same time because they do not exist in the same dimension, a dofus guardian send the ebony to the dark dimension to ensure that noone will have all 6 together. Some retconing on how ogrest got it would be implemented though.

Each server will have to have an alternate server.
For Example:
Client A: Echo Server
Client B: Pandora Server
Players can freely choose in what client they would like to play on. I can log my level 140+ osa to Echo server in the goddess client or to Pandora server in the dragon client. Same account, same subscription, same game, same server database, different new content.
All generic contents will be available in both client. Example: If you have all 4 Primordial Dofus (ochre, turq, crim, emerald), you will have them when you play in either version client.
Client exclusive contents will not appear in the other client. Example: If you have the Ivory Dofus in the Goddess Client, it will not appear when you login using the Dragon Client.

Edit: Additional concepts and storyline.
Are you a Marvel or DC fan? Both comic line have explored the concept of multiverse as a way to repackage their product to the new generation and remain relevant to the changing times. Using the multiverse concept, old costumer's universe are not retcon but a new universe simply becomes the focus of the storyline. Sometimes the changes are subtle, but in some cases it is too different from each other like in one spiderverse wherein gwen stacy was the one bitten by the rasioactive spider (Spider Gwen) or the universe where Doctor Octopus switch his dying body to Spiderman becoming the Ultimate Spiderman. Multiverse are also being used as a main plot in itself in the story with stories of universal destruction and/or multiple universe merging into one.
Now if we apply this to dofus, client A and client B will have the potential to be two universe existing side by side but separated from each other. The temporal split could be triggered by an event that messed with the harmony of things thus causing chaos (looking at you Ogrest). While client A continues with its current universe set-up, Client B slowly shifts towards chaos leading to the wakfu era (have you watched X-men: Days of Future Past), wherein Logan changed events in the past leading to the super sentinel program, thereby creating a future with no super sentinel. Now in dofus it would be the opposite, the change would cause the ogrest chaos. Wanting to save his beloved, ogrest breaks the spatial-temporal balance in order to attain all 6 dofus eggs, thus creating his own version of the universe. Since the 12 gods/goddesses can freely move through the different universe, they choose to remain in the harmonic universe which could explain why there seems to be no presence of gods/goddesses in the wakfu universe (they only visit the chaos universe when they find something relevant or important to do there). Gamewise this could mean a lot of changes could be implemented between the two game client. For example, Otomai Island could be destroyed in client B and be replaced by a whole new island "Mount Zenith". In the process of recovering the ebony dofus, ogrest activated the revival of Mount Zenith which is buried in the otomai island. Mount Zenith spring out destroying the whole island which contains its own monster family, dungeons and quests. If you login using Goddess client, you'll have otomai island, if you use Dragon client, otomai island will be replaced by mount zenith. 

With this system, in the future, instead of playing on a single 10gb client, we have the option to chose between two 6gb client giving us the option to play which content we want play on without the high client size.

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not too sure if it will be a problem since I don't have any knowledge in programming.

It really shouldn't be a problem.

That aside, the concept for a split world kind of idea is interesting (and all the related things like areas replacing others and large storyline differences), but ultimately it'll boil down to players being upset that they can't access all the content at once. If there was a reason to choose between two different Dofus types (example given was Ivory and Ebony), it could much more easily be a feature of a quest rather than a downright rewriting of how the game work's on the server end (which would be a massive load of work for the devs).

Not only this, the idea of x content only being accessible in one client and y content being in another would lead to either players majorly preferring one client over the other, and the second client being deserted, or if it actually worked (which I don't see happening), it'd create a huge rift in the community, turning it into two smaller groups, while frankly I believe that we should be doing all we can do to conserve the size and grow it as much as possible, rather than divide. I really don't see people enjoying working to do a quest to get a cool and valuable reward and then just going to the other client to then have that reward disappear (albeit temporarily).

And finally, the massive amount of work needed to rewrite the current system for this change aside, this means that all players wont be able to enjoy any new content, as it'll be divided between the two communities. The amount of work for the developers either doubles, or the amount of new content for the players as a whole halves.

In short, while it's a really cool idea in theory, it's an extremely costly fix for something that is a non-issue, and would end up either being successful and dividing a community that needs to be preserved as much as possible, or failing and just being unused, leading to wasted time+money for the developers.
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If adding new contents won't be a problem, then I guess this suggestion is not necessary. I guess everything should be fine even if the client reach 10gb+ in size in 10-20 years (in case dofus survive that long with contents constantly being added to keep making it interesting).

About the divide issue, it could be an issue, but as you said, the majority would prefer one client over the other which could work perfectly for those minority who prefer smaller population, and those who prefer huge population can go to the loaded client.

Losing items gained from other client would really be sort of a bummer, but it could also work if the story would be worth it. Would it make sense if anyone get all 6 dofus together and not be more powerful than ogrest who destroyed the world in the wakfu era?

As for the massive amount of work, it will be implemented in small portions. No need to add more than the regular workload of the developers. They will still be adding the same amount of update per quarter. The only difference is that they will be adding new content alternately between the 2 client. So this quarter, the new update will be on client A, so majority of players will be mostly in that client but next quarter, the update will be for client B.

Ankama could also use this dual client system as a feedback mechanism when deciding which update they would go for. For example, when they ask for feedback on what form would osa player prefer for their fusion , non-osa players choose the worse form. With a dual client, they could implement one form on one client and another form on another client. This way, they can determine which client actual osa players prefer to play on based on which fusion they liked. Although this suggestion might seem too much work for its worth, it actually has tons of functionality and applications both lore-wise and technical-wise, when properly implemented. In the beginning it could be not worth much but in the long run, it could be a worthwhile investment of dev time/effort. 

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