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Enutrofs could use a new summon

By ichbinshoo - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - September 27, 2017, 01:51:30

Dear Ankama and fellow players,

Here are two facts:

-Enutrofs are extremely dependent on the water element for PvE since their main role in dungeons nowadays is reducing enemy MP, thus making Shovel of Judgment a MUST. Of course you can play any Enutrof build and still use the spell for its secondary effect, but the damage "waste" in other builds makes water the nº1 choice in almost any scenario.

-Enutrofs are known to have Drhellers as companions, pets, mount, etc. Why not bring them to battle? (yes, yes, like in Wakfu)

My suggestion is quite simple:
Let Enutrofs summon Drhellers to help reduce enemy MP and make Shovel of Judgment a ranged version of Prime of Life (reduce MP resistance), thus making all Enutrof builds able to reach their full potential instead of casting Shovel of Judgment forever. 

This summoned Drheller could have 2 spells and limited AP so it would be able to cast each spell once or the first one twice: 
-Spell for simple 2 MP reduction (max. 2 times/turn, 1/target)
-Short teleportation spell that makes it invisible until next turn so it's not so vulnerable (as if it dug a hole biggrin)

Share your ideas and thoughts biggrin
Thank you!

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I like this idea a lot. The only problem I see with it is it makes MP Reducting rely on on summon AI... Which let me tell you that never ends well... Still I would love to see a Drheller summon. 
For the point about Water being a must have element for Enutrofs I agree but I believe they actually wanted that. I think the developers original intentions was to have Enutrof be a class with high wisdom and be chance based for PP this is evident by Slaughtering  Shovel's high base damage.

I see it as:

Water = PVM, Support, Wisdom, PP
Earth = Solely PVP viability
Intel = PVP and PVM viability.

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We could just put a passive on Greed or some buff where for the next 2 turns, when a shovel attack lands on someone, a dhreller will appear around trying to hit take MP from the person hit, the element of the dhreller being based on the attack used.


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"Fact" 1: no, enus are not dependant on water. The other 2 builds are perfectly viable, and a fire enutrof with a healing weapon is amazing as a support class, and earth is decent at mid range combat, though shovel toss probably needs a side effect. Water used to be the best years ago, yes, but that's no longer the case; that's a misconception carried by tradition that doesn't take the changes that the class has suffered in account. SoJ isn't the only MP reduction tool, and it's not locked to water builds; if distraction fails, any other build can still use it, it will just have lower damage on an already very weak spell (damage wise, anyway; SoJ should probably be 3 AP or get some more damage). The damage difference is small enough to not be truly relevant. 

"Fact" 2: Enutrofs are know to have drhellers as wakfu. 300 years after Dofus era. They exist in the enutrof dimension, but I don't believe they were domesticated yet, besides the petmount. 

As for the summon, I don't agree. It would steal the niche of prime of life, rendering earth worse by comparison since it would just be water with worse range, and would make enu's MP stealing abilities too potent. Also, the shovel summon also reduces the MP resistance effect. On the flipside of that, summons are neither smart enough to use the MP steal on the correct target, nor do they have the enutrof's wisdom. So, either it would end up making enus overpowered and kill the earth build, or it would be a nerf, as the enu's capability to steal MP would be hindered by the loss of one of their MP drain spells. Is it possible to find a middle term? Maybe. Would it make the class any better or more balanced? I don't think so. 

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We don't really need an additional summon, what we do need is our current summons to get effective (finally). Enutrofs are untouched for a really, really long time (talking about years here, not including the Bribery/Pull out not bewitchable change).

Living Bag, while dandy as it is, has only 660 HP at level 200. The only good thing about the bag momentarily is that it can block any instance of damage with it's dying breath. Five turns to recast it is far too much, I'd either like the cooldown reduced so you can have multiple bags on the field, or a generous buff in what the bag gives. After all, what with the other classes, support or damage orientated, having 1000+ shields (Protective Pelt/Protective Word), it would be balanced to up the HP of the Bag.

Living Shovel is a one turn wonder, and then it's a complete disaster until it dies. If you take even a single 1 AP from it, it becomes absolutely useless. Not to mention that in PvP, players will often re-use your shovel to their advantage. We're a disabling class, not a risk-based one like Ecas are. A fantastic solution to this would be making the Living Shovel disappear by hitting it with Mound, refunding it's 2 AP cost. What this gives is an option to steal back a shovel re-purposed to the enemy advantage, or a shovel that got AP reduced for a lengthy time, or a shovel that's about to push the enemy out of an ally's lock, for a cost of 1 AP (Mount requires 3, and 2 AP will be refunded).
Another idea would be to make  a cast of Ghostly Shovel on the Living Shovel, give us a turn to use it (like Osas can), +2 MP for that turn and grant it Unlockable State, but it will die on the end of the turn.

Living Chest was just the ninth PP roll. I rarely get a chance to do PvP against Srams, but even when I do, they're usually smart enough to not let me "foresee"  where they might be so I'd reveal them. If you try to damage enemies with them, they do 150 damage, usually to a single target, before dying to any 4 AP spell. Since they're removing the second loot from the chest, what would be a very viable option to this summon is to make it somewhat of a panda lifting you up, giving enus a bit more utility.
Basically, you'd cast the Chest on an ally which will be "eaten". Only when the enemies destroy the chest, they can attack that ally. An ally will have -100 AP while in the Chest, and can step out to do things, and then step back inside.

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Living bag: comparing it to ouginak's shield (who are damage dealers, yes, but are also tanks and forced into close combat) and eni's shield (who, after the variants hit, will not deal nearly as much damage and have worse range and side effects than enu) is not really fair. I do agree the bag needs to survive a bit better, and maybe you should check that in the beta, as I think the hp went up, but I'm not sure. Anyway, I'd make it 3 turn, dies on the third turn. Having multiple bags might be a bit too much damage avoidance on a class that controls MP and range (reducing key is now 5 range reduction!). 

Yeah, living shovel is pretty bad. Thankfully there's living spade now which...if even worse, tbh, as it deals 40 air damage. 40. At lvl 200. It's sad....but hey, it won't be an issue with it's pushback anymore. Yay?

Chest: now it deals AoE damage based on it's own hp,. and has a healing counterpart...yeah, it's not very good either. Not a ninth drop roll anymore either. 

All in all...yeah, enus need better summons. Though after the update, they all heal allies if they are hit by them, so...summon shovel, unsummon it, profit, I guess? Summon them and let allies hit them with AoE? They have a bit more applicability now, I suppose, though not by much. 

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Reducing key was always a 5 range deduction tool on level 6, maybe the duration changed? Momentarily, it lasts up to one turn before the recast, and if you crit on cast, it lasts until you get it back off cooldown.

Enutrof's crits are a feat on it's own tho, so I'll leave that aside.

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