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new pvp mode

By ereserty - SUBSCRIBER - September 27, 2017, 11:24:56

How about a mode in pvp ( * this is just a mode and doesn't apply to kolo, koth, perc, ...)
where you can choose the spells you want to fight with from any other class available.

I know there can be very powerfull combinations (e.g. the gravitational glyph in combination with iops wrath, to make sure you land that sucker) some combinations might even be to powerfull and maybe some restrictions could/ should be added.
but overall I believe this would be a great step for dofus in the e-sports business

Let me know what you think

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At first I was going to dismiss the idea but I thought about it more. First off it'd only work if there were constantly new spells added in that are earned from a mystery box you can get from Kolotokens or something to replace Spell Point Scrolls. Sort of like a Card Game the Meta will constantly evolve with new spell combos to build a spell deck on that can only be used on this game mode. I think that'd be really interesting and fun to watch. It sounds like something you could use Incarnations for and build your own incarnation with it's own spells based on it's base build such as "Ranged Incarnations, Bastion Incarnations, Magic Incarnations, etc etc etc" and those define the kind of spells they can use.
However this would be taxing and difficult for the developers to keep on top of so I don't see it ever becoming a thing. 

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I don't see it like this, there are 18 classes I believe, and each has about 20 spells.
And in this game mode a person can pick 20 of these 360 spells (18x20) to use in battle.

the more I think about this the more broken it seems, when a person takes all the mp reduction spells it could easily reap all your mp every turn with a few ap. 

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@ereserty you would have to build to factor in that possibility and so would your op. if everyone is broken becomes a game of rock paper scissors

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Ankama have always taken the stand that PvP and PvE mechanics would be the same, so as to not alienate one from the other. The issue with having different mechanics is that mastering one game mode would force you to stay with that game mode if the two game mode is different from each other because it will be harder to transition between the two mode. While this suggestion has been suggested multiple times and just like the mono-account server, has also been asked and begged by many players to be implemented, just because everyone wants it does not mean it will automatically be a good thing to add.

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I still vote for separation of PVP and PVM not going to lie. It’s funny that they want to enter the worlds of Esports but can’t even act like one. Even right now PVP and PVM is so widely different you could be the master at PVM solo Count as a lvl 70 eliotrope and at the end of the day still get stomped in PVP and vise versa
There is a skill gap between the two already and transitioning between the two is difficult so separating them to balance both equally would be better than trying to force a broken system into both.

I like to imagine a Scale to simplify it.
On one side is PVP
On the other side is PVM
The middle is balanced
If they want a spell to be fair in PVP it suffers in PVM. If they want the spell to be good in PVM it becomes broken in PVP. (Osamodas Summons for example)
If the summon has high HP it’s viable in PVM but ridiculous in PVP. If it’s HP is just right for PVP it’s underclasses for PVM (old osa summons for example)
You can’t win when you try to balance two entirely different systems.

A set you’d build for PVP is alright for PVM but a set you build for PVM isn’t all that great for PVP.

I’m not saying the devs or anyone is wrong and my opinion is the only right one though, I just think the Esport community is very demanding when it comes to the necessity of balance in PVP. More thought needs to be put into balancing the game before it can be considered an Esport.

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