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My opinion. It may not mean much but i would like to be heard

By QueenofChaos27 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - October 23, 2017, 18:17:14

I know i am not speaking for everyone but I speak for myself and hopefully more people like me. First of all here is a little background of myself .. I LOVE dofus. I have played this game for 10+ years (started way back in 1.29)I have quit and returned several times due to IRL. I'm an older player who works a full time job and Dofus has been a "go-to" place to relax and escape real life. I've made tons of friends some of whom are part of my IRL now. I've dabbled in streaming, a youtube channel, tumbler, and tutorial videos. 
   Now for the opinion part tongue
I feel...(again MY opinion) that little by little..Ankama is turning the game purely pvp oriented....slowly doing away with pvm and solo-gaming...completely ignoring most of the community....

The professions seriously need an overhaul again... Why it got changed in the first place is beyond me...was fine how it was.....i was around for the first 2 or 3 times it was changed and it was done so great at one time but this past one just ruined me. I am so thankful I leveled all my professions during the "good days"... back when to bake bread you didn't need to level alchemist at the same time nor drop mats from monsters?? All the recipes were cereal related and there were plenty of fields to choose from! 
   Back when Alchemist (same as farmer) didn't need the other profession to you have to drop nuggets(pray you are in a good alliance and can get TO the area), drop water because you can't buy it from the NPC anymore, and you can forget getting certain flowers if your alliance don't own the can't get in it and the respawn time of the small patch of area it is in is so long you are fighting with other people and give up before you can get how many you need tongue
  Back when crafting recipes MADE SENSE! Now they require mats from all over the place AND several pebbles forcing you to either buy them or pvp for them...Back when if i wanted a Tengu set guess where I needed to farm ALL THE MATS FROM? 1place: Tengu.. .that made sense. Now its a few mats from that place and several other dungeons or odd places.... WHY??? 
  Back when there were PLENTY of places for harvesting professions to gather their mats from now they are very few and scattered all over...
  Back when you got experience for ANY slot you crafted if you weren't max level...I remember leveling my jeweller on 4slot recipes til 100 wink 

NOW...As a level 1 Alchemist only thing to level on is simple at first: Mini healing potion-Nettles. okay sure but when I hit level 5 its: Home potion: a Nugget, pandkin seed, and a bambootoo leaf.......... Come on now... most nuggets are in the high level areas IF i'm in that alliance (probably not if i'm a new player), pandkin seed is a 120 seed, and bambootoo leaf is a monster on an island i can't get to without a quest... Come on.....  Level 6: perceptor potions with level 120 items, & random mob drops...Level 10: Dungeon essences (okay i guess) & Recall potions where I now have to fight monsters to drop the water instead of buy it from NPC :blink: 
As a level 1 Farmer starts out simple with +4 wheat for Incarnam Bread...level 20: Barley and now a flower so now i gotta level alchemist to 10 before i can continue with farmer <_< With every harvesting profession its the same...I find that completely annoying!!  

All this didn't bother me as bad since the update because I had already leveled all my professions, but when i started to play on the mono-server, i realized how bad it actually was! I feel sorry for all the new players out there or anyone starting over...heck i feel sorry for myself trying to do what i do... I wanted to level professions/quest etc like i always do, but with the current state of professions it is IMPOSSIBLE for me to even attempt it...the server is packed with very few places to gather and everyone fighting over it, the recipes are insane, and the respawn times on everything just make it no point in trying. sad  I am one of those gamers who like to come home from work and relax while leveling professions & making kamas and i only have an hour or two if that to play so my online time is very limited. I do hope things get a change because the mono-server is the perfect place for a player like myself and I can't enjoy it sad I hope it gets changed for normal servers also for the new players & anyone else who wants to try because the current way is just sad 

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I'm with you in this.
In the 2018 survey was a Proffession overhaul option, I hope that wins because leveling jobs is... well a job. Even more time consuming than a real job.

I have been leveling Lumberjack and Miner lately, and the odd levels are almost impossible (50-70-90 and so on) because most of the resources and recipes unlock at "normal" levels (60-80-100...)
Lumberjack's planks are useless unless you spend resourses as Alquemist to make them into concentrates.

In terms of how many resources there is. I think they should move a few of the low level resources (iron and ash for example) from the mid level zones into astrub and around where are used more.

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I agree! I really wish more maps had resources, I have trouble fishing because of other people.. some fishing spots are in the map transition (I guess they changed maps at some point) I like the idea of mono server but wish the multi account idea was never allowed in the first place.. I played solo on rushu until level 192 and it was difficult for me. ..don't give up biggrin

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I agree and disagree with this post. I don't feel Dofus is ignoring PVM... there is four times the amount of content released for PVM (New dungeons, new areas to explore, etc etc.) than there is content released for PVP. 
I do agree with the frustration of wanting to level your professions and how pebbles relate to that frustration, but without them PVP would not have any rewards whatsoever. 
Pebbles right now and soon will be the only actual reward for Players for utilizing the Kolossium PVP system. Nuggets are the only actual monetary Incentive to create the dynamic of AVA.

Nuggets and Pebbles are a necessity of the market as of right now. Soon they'll be removing SP scrolls in the next update which will further place a strain on the PVP economy.

Everything else with I agree still Professions are far too hard to level. New players feel forced into PVP but aren't given a lot of options when it comes to sets and are forced to work on other professions (just as difficult) to progress, but one could also argue that this was on purpose to drive a trading community where others who leveled the profession you need to progress need what you have and you need what they have. I don't think it was designed for the purpose of new players completing all professions on their own but rather players complete professions with the help of other players. (This is why I honestly began to thought we should go back to the limited profession system.)
However by making PVM players depend on PVP players we also create an interesting market dynamic because both PVP and PVM players now succeed off each other.
PVP players make money off the PVM players who need their goods.
PVM players make money off the PVP players who need their goods created from the pebbles
Meanwhile a player who partakes in both PVP and PVM benefit the most from this system. 

In all consideration Ankama wants to push more players towards PVP anyways, because they want to branch off into Esports. (while failing to meet the standards that come with that LUL.)

I think pebbles should not exist in all honesty. PVP players should be rewarded with exclusive costumes, cosmetics, titles, emotes, etc etc. However Pebbles will still always be considered a superior market item than cosmetics due to the demand that's been created. 

And honestly to summarize this: 
The only solution Ankama could possibly come up with is reduce the value of the pebbles by requiring less and add more incentive rewards like cosmetics. Add more lower level equipment to give the lower level pvp variety. Make pebbles only exist after level 150 and only be used for equipment crafting profession and utilize pebbles earned from PVM dailies (Dopples, Almanax, Questing) for lower level crafting. Nuggets should come from a set of daily missions for building up your guild. (Creating a set of daily challenges that a Guild Leader or Alliance leader can make. It could be as simple as "Complete 10 Quests" add a 12 hr time limit. Once completed the player is rewarded with nuggets. **This is a suggestion I was thinking of making soon**

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