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Stripping buff

By Private-Prinny - SUBSCRIBER - December 19, 2017, 22:52:33
[left]Stripping and Tumult both have low base damage relative to their AP costs because they gain 20 base damage for each target that fulfills their requirement. However, while Tumult counts the original target as an enemy (making the minimum damage a respectable 39-40), Stripping doesn't count the Ouginak as an ally (meaning unless other allies are near the enemy, the damage is the listed 28-32, instead of a more respectable 48-52).

This means that Tumult:[/left]
  1. Has a higher minimum damage
  2. Has a higher maximum damage
  3. Has a lower AP cost
  4. Has a higher range
  5. Has an easier condition to fulfill (bunched up enemies vs. nearby allies)

Combined with the fact that Stripping has to compete with Carcass, which is one of the Ougi's strongest spells, and it could use a small buff for a more close-combat oriented Ougi.
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everything that functions like this should function in the exact same way for consistency's sake.

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