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Thoughts on certain achievements being made account-wise

By vagabaka - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - December 24, 2017, 21:55:03

Among the huge set of changes introduced in 2.45, one item may have escaped the attention of many players. We will now only get rewarded once if we complete Dungeon and Monster achievements on multiple characters on the same account. Here's the changelog entry:

The Achievements of characters on the same account (played on the same server) are now pooled. Achievements can be unlocked for each character but item rewards (primarily resources) from Achievements from the "Dungeon", "Monster" and "Event" categories can only be obtained once per account and per server. We have made this change to considerably limit the excessive generation of resources by players who create characters specifically dedicated to completing certain Achievements. This feature doesn't apply to the Heroic and Epic servers.

I have a few reasons for being against this change:
  • Playing multiple characters on the same account is a main way for single-account players to stay interested in the game, and this change punishes them for it.
  • Players do many things to accumulate resources, for example they farm dungeons, do achievements on multiple accounts, place percs, and attack percs. Why are only single-account achievements getting this nerf?
  • If leveling up additional characters on existing accounts is a efficient way to generate resources as compared to just farming the monsters, and it is necessary to keep up with the demand from recipes, I think developers should look into the balancing leveling, achievement rewards, recipes, and drop rates instead.

What I'm asking from the developers: Of course I hope the change can be reverted. However if it does not, I hope developers can:
  • Provide a more detailed explanation for the change.
  • Provide clarification to related questions, for example if someone unlocks the same achievement on multiple characters on the same account, and then transfers one of the characters to a new account, will that character be able to get the achievement rewards?
  • Display information about this limitatino more clearly in game, for example display a warning "you will not be able to obtain rewards from this achievement because it has been unlocked on another character on this account", and dislay this information as one of the tips in the loading screen.
  • Provide some kind of compensation for accounts with multiple characters. For example, some of us have asked for the ability to transfer professions between characters on the same account, and one of the reasons developers gave for not implementing it was profession achievements. Now that some achievements are already account-wise, developers can make profession achievements account-wise too to clear that obstacle.
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I did not know they did that, thats a huge blow for solo-accounters.

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I think it's kinda fair since I was one of those players that made new accounts for achievement mats. I think with this change though they should make drop rates more fair to compensate. Some of these 0.5% drop rates are ludicrous when compared to the difficulty of the dungeon. Some dungeons can take hours to run for 1 drop in a recipe for 10. God forbid if you're on a single account server trying to grind for these mats. 

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There are better ways to stop people from making new characters just for achievement rewards. For example make the higher level achievements require characters to be at least 2 months old to redeem. Adjust drop rates and recipes so that achievements are not overwhelmingly profitable in comparison. The current limit affects many people who have not abused achievements as developers described.

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