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Suggestions for Xelors

By JabberwockyST - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - December 31, 2017, 21:07:25

I've been playing around with the Xelor spell variants since they came out and I've now solidified my feelings about them (and some non variant Xelor spells). Overall I like the ideas present in the variants, and I'm in love with the extra mobility, but I do feel that some of the spells as is could have been better implemented.

Hand: I strongly feel that Hand should be 3 AP. Now that Temporal Dust is range modifiable, Hand just feels like an inferior version of it. It does worse damage with no AoE, and neither the AP reduction nor the extra range on it doesn't make it worth using over Dust unless you're in PvP. Hand's base damage is more suited for a 3 AP spell as well, especially considering how the variants in general have shifted more toward a 10 base damage/AP setup. I think making Hand 3 AP would solidify its place in the Xelor kit and add extra options for Xelors with 11/12 AP.

Shadowy Beam: While I love the addition of AoE in the form of a non-Int spell, Shadowy Beam just isn't ever worth using over Dark Ray. Personally, I feel that for a variant to be competitive with its base spell, it needs to offer the same amount of use that the base spell does, either in damage or utility. Clearly Shadowy Beam is not intended to be on the same level of damage as Dark Ray; so in order for it to be an effective variant, it should instead offer extra utility. Instead it just does mediocre damage, especially in comparison to what it's replacing. I think that this spell should take a leaf from the Sadida's playbook and propagate the Telefrag state in its AoE. It would be insane utility, but at the price of giving up the best spell to pair with extra Telefrag - Dark Ray. You exchange your burst damage spell to be able to propagate Telefrag more easily; there are many situations I could see myself doing this. 

Petrification: I love this spell. It has a great idea, it's powerful, and it's very versatile in its functionality. I just think that it starts at too high an AP cost. Perhaps lowering the initial cost to 4 AP but keeping the minimum cost at 2 AP would make this spell perfect.

Conservation: I don't think this spell is worth using over Haziness in its current form. I think instead that the increased damage portion should be thrown out, and that it should only reduce damage on allies. However, I would also make it require and consume Telefrag, and be castable twice per turn, once per target. This way it functions as intended - the Xelor can protect allies, but first they must spend AP to put them in a Telefrag state, or they must have had the forethought to do so on an earlier turn. It promotes thinking ahead, moreso than the current version does.

Temporal Suspension: I think this spell hits too low for the range and linear restriction that it's been given. My solution would be to either increase its range or to drastically increase its base damage. I think that making it either 1-7 range or 38-42 fire damage regular, 42-46 fire damage critical would be a good solution. Loss of Motivation is a similar spell in the Xelor's kit that has both a higher range and a higher base damage/AP ratio. I think simply buffing this spell would make it competitive with Temporal Dust, because as it stands now I'd rather just use Loss of Motivation instead.

Pendulum: Amazing spell, please just make it so that if you use Pendulum to Telefrag an enemy you hit that enemy with Pendulum. That's all this spell is missing that stops it from being phenomenal.

Premonition: I think this spell could use 1 more range. 2 feels a little restrictive.

Knell: I would argue that Mummification is one of the best spells in the Xelor's arsenal, and so any variant for it would have to be extremely good to be competitive with it. Knell unfortunately does not reach the same standard of quality that Mummification does. Its AoE is too restrictive to use it for the damage intended, and it's prohibitively difficult to setup Telefrags on targets to get the full use of Knell without using Mummification. I suggest that Knell instead give the Xelor 100% power per Telefragged target on the map (I'm undecided if it should be for 1 or 2 turns).  Without Mummification to Telefrag the whole map, the amount of Power any Xelor could get would depend on their own skill in Telefragging characters, rather than just spending 2 AP to blanket the map with pink gear icons.

Overall, I love the Xelor spell variants, and the clear amount of thought and care that went into designing them. The ideas behind many of the spells show inventiveness and creativity, and I think that with a little extra modification they could really shine. These are my suggestions - hopefully they spark some inspiration for you.

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I completely agree with everything on your post. I came in here expecting some dumb complaints but these are solid ideas. I'd like to see Hand either get a buff in damage or have an affect where it's base damage goes up the more you use it on an enemy with telefrags.

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Hand: it would be nice to see this buffed, but i don't think it should have its AP cost decreased; if we compare it with its variant, Cog deals 50% less damage! Maybe some damage increase on enemies with telefrag? Also Time Theft deals just one more damage than this; doesn't it need some buff too?
Shadowy Beam: interesting idea!
Petrification: im not sure about it; in my opinion its realy good now. And after that, Time Theft would need a buff for sure.
Conservation: agreed. Will this affect a caster too?
Temporal Suspension: i like increased range more here.
Pendulum: exactly the same feelings about it! Well, just like with the most of those new "deals damage around..."
Permonition: i don't feel a great need for buff here, but this "no line of sight" is like asking for more range...
Knell: fine idea and realy fits as a Mummification's variant. However isn't it going to have a little too much synergy with Shadowy Beam You've proposed?

Generally nice ideas, hope they will catch some attention.
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I also believe that the order of wich you learn the spells should be changed. A low level xelor should be able to use the telefrag system more effectively. Swap dark ray wich is currently lvl 9 with xelors punch wich is lv 92

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