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Item stat quality system

By Mitisukai - SUBSCRIBER - January 08, 2018, 21:23:05

Anyone else sick of studying the equips on the market to check for any missing stats and to find a good deal?
Why not have a colour code system where the system judges the quality for us?

How this will work:
The system will look at the craft stats of the item (the stats you see in the recipe such as 300-350 Vitality), then it will judge the item stats for us.

Stat missing = Stat coloured grey with “0” instead of disappearing.
Stat less than 50% = Stat coloured red.
(e.g. 50% as in less than 150 Vitality on a 300-350 Vitality item)
Stat less than 100% = Stat coloured pink.
Average Stat within specified range = Stat coloured white.
Perfect Stat = Stat coloured green.
Overmaged stat = Stat coloured purple.

Imagine the time this could save people who want a quick deal?
This could also prevent scams and overpricing.

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just press your ctrl key when hovering over an item

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...I think I'm gonna go hide for a while.

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